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There's a hole in the Earth

This is a pre-warning: this post will be uber geeky. This is causa Toy Fair stuff, so yay!

Before that though, I've got my eye on an e-bay seller. They have a Clone Wars mini I want for just over £1 and it finishes today (and another for 99p). So i'm keeping an eye on them. If they go too high I won't bid, but I'm holding off till 7 anyway. I've found someone selling other minis buy it now cheap, so I'll get some from them at some point.

I found my old bank books, so I'll get them updated tomorrow. If I don't win the auction I might get a figure from Argos tomorrow cause they've got a bit off. But I'd have to know what they've got first. Ah it always annoys them when I make them get the figures from the back. I just wouldn't wanna end up with one I've already got. I'd want Ventress if they had her.

Anyway, onward.

There's pics from Toy Fair. The Turbo Tank looks cool. I prefer it over the AT-TE. The best thing's the presentation thing that Hasbro do (cause it shows stuff not there). Cool things are:
*HK-47! (as a build-a droid though, with the Episode II wave which is really eh... I hate having to get eh figures just for the bonus stuff)
*Clone Wars Jawa two pack (they're so cute)
*Yay for the Droid Commando!
*And Cad Bane! (His episodes haven't been shown yet though I think he looks cool/sexy)
*I really want the new Vulture droid, cause it's both the right size and cool looking
*The Episode I wave of awesomeness (I've always wanted them to do a Mechno-chair and now they have)
*A grinning Kit! yay! (though it's a sucky exclusive)
*The Clone Wars Jabba (I hope they make a Ziro)
*The Search for R2 pack means I don't have to worry bout finding an IG-86 assasin droid now.
*I want two of the Galactic Heroes sets (one causaa mouse droid and the other causa Jawas) and one big set of them (cause it has Taun We!)

I wish they'd done a new Aurra or Zam, but I guess there's next year huh? And they need to do another Kaminoan soon. A lot of the stuff shown is stuff we already knew about, but still... it's pretty cool.

I bet that all made no sense to most of you. Ah well.

Tomorrow I'm gonna be stuck going to Cannock, which'll bore the hell outta me causa the walk. Then more shelves'll be put up and I can start sorting stuff for them at last. The second bed's full of stuff to go on them.

Later today I'll be keeping an eye on e-bay, writing and reading. I've got so much shit to read I've gotta start on it. And of course, there's AC, which I'll go on after dinner.
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