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Pairing: Jay James/Matt Tuck/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: Scat
Warnings: Scat, BDSM

I lay on the bed, my wrists and ankles bound to the bed posts. I'd been left here the better part of the day, completely naked apart from the collar around my neck and the straps holding the butt plug up my ass. Thankfully the house was heated so I didn't freeze to death. I had, however, wet myself almost an hour ago, a small pool of my piss still present in my navel.

I heard the front door open and twisted my head in that direction. I heard footsteps up the stairs, then the door to the bedroom opened. I smiled as Padge entered the room, glad he'd returned to me. "Hello little one." He came towards me and kissed me on the forehead, his goatee brushing against my skin. He straightened up and lifted his hand, waving it at the door.

I few seconds later another man entered the room. He was slimmer then Padge, though his hair was the shade colour and length. Unlike Padge, he lacked any facial hair. He had a tattoo on his left arm that was mostly covered by the t-shirt he wore. His lower half was covered in denim jeans, with several holes torn in them. "This is Matt. He will be joining us." I nodded slightly as he offered me a small wave, one which I didn't return due to my position. I was unsure what Padge exactly had in mind bringing him here. Ok, I wasn't completely unsure as he was obviously here for sex, but I'd never seen him before. Sure, he was hot but he was probably just some dude Padge picked up in a bar.

"Matt, get undressed."

"Sure." He replied softly, pulling t-shirt up and over his head. His tattoo was pretty and it was obviously some kind of tribal or celtic thing, with what looked like a flower towards the bottom. The rest of his upper half was unblemished, with no other marks, tattoos or piercings. He undid his jeans next, pushing them down his legs. They were slightly hairy and as unmarked as his upper half. Covering his crotch was pair of deep purple panties, the material barely covering his dick. Soon, the feminine underwear joined the jeans around his ankles. When he stepped out of both of them I gazed at his bare crotch. He had a nice cock, though it was slimmer then Padge's and my own. The surrounding area and his low hanging balls were covered in a mass of dark, curly pubic hair.

He glanced at me, giving me the same look over I had given him a few moments ago. He licked his lips lightly, his dick twitching. He then gazed at Padge, who was exceedingly overdressed in our eyes. Padge chuckled softly, then pushed Matt towards me. "Why don't you get to know each other better?" Matt took the hint and leaned down, kissing my neck gently. He kept planting small kisses along the curve of skin until he reached my face, his lips landing on mine. The kiss was gentle and he seemed both shy and nervous, however he soon got over both. His tongue wiggled into my mouth, moving slowly around my own as well as exploring my eager mouth. At the same time, his hands roamed over my body, tweaking my nipples and ghosting over my erection.

He parted from my lips, both of us gasping a little for air. He climbed onto the bed, kissing back down my neck and then lower. He stopped kissing me once he passed my collarbone, instead opting to extend his tongue and lick along my skin. His tongue did small circles around each of my hardened nipples before descending lower to my navel. He lapped at the pool that remained there, looking me in the eyes as he did so. It was clear he knew exactly what he was licking up and he didn't seem to care or mind. Once all the golden fluid was gone he moved lower, taking the tip of my cock between his lips. I felt him take a deep breath trough his nose before he swallowed me whole, his eyes still on mine.

Padge took a seat beside me on the bed, stroking my belly as he watched Matt's head bob up and down my cock. The only sounds that filled the air was his slurping on my dick and my own occasional moans until Padge finally spoke. "Do you want it?" I nodded, my brain only vaguely processing what he meant.

He climbed onto the bed and squatted over my belly. I watched him as intently as I could, his face contorting a little as he pushed back. I could see him strain, a strong smell filling the room, which made me harder in Matt's mouth. Padge began to shit, the soft filth landing on my belly. Matt's hands moved to it, rubbing it against my skin. I moaned softly, guessing that Padge had told him he was going to do this. He moved himself off my dick, rubbing some into my cock before swallowing again and licking it off. He kept rubbing the rest of the warm waste that Padge had deposited on me, covering my belly completely.

Once Padge was done he shifted off me and the bed. He lifted up a camera from the bedside table, turning it on and taking shots of us. Matt responded to that by moving his hands up my body higher, his fingers leaving streaks of brown across my upper body. I let out small moans, jerking my hips up against Matt's face. With a low cry of pleasure, I came down his throat. He swallowed every drop, his tongue lapping over my head gently.

When Matt moved back, he licked his lips lightly. He looked into my eyes for a moment, then moved again, pressing his face against my stomach. Padge stroked his hair, smiling at the sight of him. "Good boy." Matt's fingers trailed over my lips, sliding inside my mouth when I parted them. I licked the digits clean, panting softly as I recovered from my orgasm. Padge gripped Matt's long hair and pulled him back, both of them sharing a gentle kiss.

Once Matt was sure his fingers were clean, he removed them from my mouth. "I want you to fuck ride him as I fuck him." Padge whispered to him, his dick stiff between his legs. Matt nodded and played with my soft, wet dick, intent on getting me hard once again. While he did that, Padge removed the butt plug from my body. I sighed softly at the loss, even though I knew something much better would soon replace it. Padge then proceeded to move down the bed release my ankle restraints. I stretched my legs a little, glad to be free from the padded cuffs. Padge mounted the bed once more, spreading my legs nice and wide for him. I wrapped them around his waist tightly once he was between my legs, my eyes locked on his.

He grasped his cock with one hand, guiding it for my open and ready hole. He pushed it into me slowly, making me moan in pleasure. Matt kept licking me gently, his tongue now lapping at my wrinkled skin. My eyes lidded as my dick started to respond, twitching to full hardness again. Only when he saw I was hard did Padge thrust into me roughly, burying himself to the hilt in one go. Matt stopped licking my balls and shifted off the bed, picking up the bottle of lube from the bedside table. He squirted it on his fingers and reached behind himself, pushing a pair of them into him in one go. The three of us groaned in unison, his fingers moving in and out at a steady pace, spreading his hole open for my cock.

While he did that, Padge began thrusting his hips against me, setting a steady pace for himself. I knew he wouldn't keep to the pace for long. As soon as he really got into it he'd lose control and begin slamming into me randomly.

Matt captured my attention again as he mounted the bed and straddled me. Padge held onto my cock as Matt lowered himself down onto it, impaling himself on my rigid cock. As he did that, Padge remained completely still until Matt's arse was pressed against me. When that happened, Padge rammed into me fully. My eyes rolled back into my skull as both began to move again. Matt was so warm and so fucking tight, despite his brief stretching. He clenched around me as he rose and fell, his hands bracing himself on my upper chest. His fingertips stroked my skin as he set himself a rhythm, his knees pressing against my sides.

I wished my hands were free to touch his sweaty skin and to pull him closer to me so we could kiss. Padge was holding him back, his right arm wrapped around Matt's toned stomach. He kissed and nibbled on Matt's neck, his hips colliding with my ass cheeks. It took a few minutes for us to build up a comfortable rhythm, but once we did it was so fucking good. I pushed back against Padge's dick and thrust up to meet Matt's ass. Like Matt did to me, I squeezed around Padge's member regularly to help to milk him.

Padge shifted his arm a little, wrapping the fingers of his large hand around the younger male's dick. He began pumping steadily, his eyes locking with mine over Matt's shoulder. If I hadn't already shot my load not too long ago, I'd have cum right there.

They kept at the pace they set themselves for a few more minutes, before they began to lose their control. Matt was the first of the pair to do so, the movements of his ass becoming faster each minute. Every time my dick penetrated him he released a low howl of pleasure and his eyes squeezed shut. With the way he moved now, his eyes were hardly ever open. Padge kept nipping and kissing his neck and the expanse of skin surrounding it, occasionally having to raise his hand to brush away Matt's long hair. His right hand kept pumping Matt's dick, the movements now practically a blur of motion. He lost control of his hip thrusts a few moments after Matt did, though I suspected that was only because Matt was getting more stimulation. Each thrust of Padge's dick within me hit my spot dead on, causing my body to jerk up against Matt.

Matt came first. Each spurt from his dick landed either on his chest or my own, the remainder of the fluid dribbling down Padge's fingers. Matt panted heavily, his head tipped back against Padge's shoulder as he released his dick. Matt's ass spasmed wildly around me, which would have sent me over the edge normally but now I needed something more. I watched through half-lidded eyes as Padge wiped the pearly white fluid over Matt's face, making the slimmer male purr softly. Padge let him stay like that for a few brief seconds, before raising him off my shaft and giving him a gentle push so that he fell on the bed to the left of me.

With the distraction of pleasing Matt now gone, Padge was free to start fucking me in earnest. He gripped onto my spread thighs, the nails of his fingers burying themselves into my soft skin. Matt lazily kissed my side, running his slender fingers over the hot skin of my belly. He raised them to my mouth, letting me taste him when I parted my lips. He tasted salty, though not overpoweringly so. He nuzzled against my armpit, kissing and licking at the sweaty skin there as his hand moved from my face to steadily stroke my dirty dick. Unlike Padge's earlier movements on him, his pace was more slow and relaxed, and I knew he probably couldn't go any faster right away.

Padge was mumbling above us, his accent thicker with lust so we couldn't understand a word he said. Then again, he might not have been saying anything that made sense. That always meant he was getting close though. He spat on my chest randomly, the saliva glistening on my skin in the room's dim light. "Cum for us Jay." Matt whispered in my ear when he finally removed his face from my pit. "Cum." He licked at the shell of my ear lightly, then returned to the pit. His strokes became a little more firmer around me, which was enough to make me cum for the second time. He smiled and left my armpit once more, lapping up the cloudy fluid from where it landed on my belly and chest.

At the same time, Padge's movements stilled within me and I felt his cock swell inside me. I swore I could feel each blast from him as it left his cock. I was past caring though, my eyes lidded and my breaths coming out in ragged pants. I felt him slip out of me and then felt the bed dip slightly as he lay beside me.

I heard a pair of soft clicks from above me, my hands finally freed from the cursed cuffs. I was, however, much too drained to use them properly. Instead, I only wrapped an arm around each of them, pulling both men close to me as I drifted off to sleep in their arms. I doubted they'd follow me to slumber so soon.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/matt tuck/padge, matt tuck, padge, slash
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