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Show us on the doll

So the electrican now isn't coming until downstairs is sorted. Meaning it's a month or so away. So I've put my stuff back around my computer.

The shelves are still being done tomorrow though and everything's ready for that. Most of the stuff that needs to go on them is on the second bed now. Since they're being done in the morning I'm going to spend most of the day sorting them out. Top shelf is gonna be for minis. Then... I dunno what the order is. I'll see once they're up.

Right now the bed's oved forward so there's not much room.

In the process of sorting stuff I found the Halloween DC comic that Mikey did a story in. I still haven't read it, so I will soon.

We saw nan today. She was alright. We saw Nightmare Before Christmas. Someone kept slamming one of the doors repeatedly. By repeatedly I mean more then 10 times. It's just not on.

While there, mum sent me to get some stuff. I got haribos and some of those new crisps (chilli and chocolate sounds fucked up, but I'm curious... it probably is horrible I'll put it in a post). Somewhere, between the shop and going back to the home I lost some change. £10 to be exact. Yeah, I suck.

Things I've learned from QI: Saur was Greek slang for cock. Alan thinks Stephen's ass is a 'treasure house'. He's not subtle sometimes.

I've tried writing, but it sounds a bit eh to me so far. We'll see if I can get back into it later. Maybe.

I'm worried about Mikeysaur. I keep trying to call, but the phone's off. This is why I hate mobiles.
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