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Folding like a star

Blissfully, all of upstairs doesn't need to be emptied out at once now. Mum's getting a new electrician in, who'll do the room's one by one. He's coming today.

However, some of my stuff's already been cleared (namely some of the dvds from downstairs, the Tardis, the massive Dalek and the important stuff from by the comp). Sigh.

I got real early and went to bed early out of annoyance. Today seems better though.

Skins last night made me sad in places. I just wanna cuddle little Pandora and JJ (and I keep getting vibes from him and Freddie). What does anyone see in Cooke seriously? He's not only unattractive, but he's such a fucking tosser most of the time. I'm curoious about next week's.

Firefox is still acting up for me and so's facebook. Gah.

I got Mikeysaur's card today, but I'm not opening it till he says I can.

I'm going with mum to nan's in just under an hour. I think I'm taking a film for us to watch. I'm not sure which yet. I normally take Nightmare Before Christmas and the Golden Compass to watch, but we never have yet.

I'm currently removing the posters from the wall in preperation for the shelves. They're gonna be so much bigger then I thought, so I can shift a shitload of stuff up (mostly my reference books, minis [which'll be kept in their boxes till the electricans done), the S-T dvds [cause it's a bitch getting to them], Wii stuff and my cd/dvds). Seriously, the shelves are so much longer then I expected it's scary.

Later (meaning tonight) I'll go back to writing, cause yesterday meant I couldn't finish that fic I was working on.

Note to self: get more card sleeves. I need about 10. If anyone has spares, I'd appreciate it.
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