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What your insides look like

I'm just about ready to kill someone.

So, just cause mum wants the fucking electricians now, I have too have everything cleared out of my room apart from the beds and wardrobe. So that's computer, tv, dvds, figures etc all gotta be outta here. Everything that's not on the shelves Saturday has to be moved. And guess what? We don't have any boxes to put anything in. And guess what? We've nowhere to put all the stuff.

And what's the worst thing?

It's gotta be done by fucking Tuesday. Tuesday to clear out my room and the other upstairs rooms, with nowhere to put it all. Fucking bastards.

Looks like I couldn't have gone to Claire's anyway.

Mum's funny about me going to Mikey's, cause I blurted it out in amongst shouting about how stupid this all was. Fuck knows why.

Going to kill people now.
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