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Your body will never be found

I'm really annoyed at my comp. Last night it kept going haywire, fucking up with msn about 4 or 5 times. I wanted to smash it. Today, firefox doesn't seem to want to load any website I type in it, even google which pisses me right off.

It made my head worse again.

Today an electrician is coming to tell us what to move. I'm trying to sorted in here, but I'm failing miserably.

I managed to send Mikey's card, but it'll probably be late. Bah.

My uncles a fucking asshole. He wants to do the shelves Saturday and is insistant we have everything upstairs ready (even the shelving brackets which'll just get in the way). Ten to one he won't even come.

I guess I should calm down by going on Animal Crossing again or something. I've half been on the DS one so far, but it's fruit day and I got annoyed by it. I'll finish it later, after going on the Wii one.

Or maybe I should finish the Matt/Eicca fic I finally managed to start yesterday. Yeah, I'll do that. Or maybe I should read the fic I have open. Hmmm.

I'm listening to a random track from the Panic! live cd (I still need to watch the dvd) and it amuses me when Ryan says jazz hands. I dunno why.

Later I'll post the other Umbrella Academy fic to the comm, cause there's members. Hurray! Maybe they'll write something? I hope so.

Speaking of Umbrella Academy have you noticed how three of them are similar to MCR members? Seance looks like Mikey (scarily so), Kraken looks like Bob (and he's a badass) and Spaceboy makes me think of tubby Gerard (I dunno why). None of them look like Ray (although if one did it would be really obvious) or Frankie. Hmmm.

Anyway, I'll do the main think of the post now.

Post snippets from your WIP's (yoinked from mikeyface)

First is the Jay/Matt/Padge fic for sosodirty (Trinity). it's not a WIP cause it's finished, but I won't post it here for a few days so... here is a bit of it.

I heard the front door open and twisted my head in that direction. I heard footsteps up the stairs, then the door to the bedroom opened. I smiled as Padge entered the room, glad he'd returned to me. "Hello little one." He came towards me and kissed me on the forehead, his goatee brushing against my skin. He straightened up and lifted his hand, waving it at the door.

I few seconds later another man entered the room. He was slimmer then Padge, though his hair was the shade colour and length. Unlike Padge, he lacked any facial hair. He had a tattoo on his left arm that was mostly covered by the t-shirt he wore. His lower half was covered in denim jeans, with several holes torn in them. "This is Matt. He will be joining us." I nodded slightly as he offered me a small wave, one which I didn't return due to my position. I was unsure what Padge exactly had in mind bringing him here. Ok, I wasn't completely unsure as he was obviously here for sex, but I'd never seen him before. Sure, he was hot but he was probably just some dude Padge picked up in a bar.

Next is a bit from the next part of Into the Darkness. I really need to get back to it since it's nearly done.

While Gavin and Gareth's limbs were indeed tasty, I was starting to crave the kill once more. I had to hold myself back each time I was with them, but I knew I couldn't do it forever. I'd snap if I didn't kill someone else and I really wanted to save them for awhile longer.

I turned slightly to the bed, where my pets were laying. Thier legs were intertwined, a deep blue double-ended dildo between them with spikes along its length. Their cocks were tied together with string and a belt was wrapped around their heads to keep them kissing. I kissed them both on the forehead, then stood back and left them both.


The bar I went to was busy as always, with many men and boys milling around. I looked around the room from my dark corner, looking at them all. Most were nothing special, with few attracting my attention. Those that did either left before I could act or were in groups.

I was ready to leave when I saw someone. He sat himself on a bar stool, all baby faced and clean shaven. He looked tubby, though he wasn't overly fat. He just looked... beautiful. I headed over to the unoccupied stool beside him, hoping on it ad giving him a closer look. He had pretty eyes too. "Hey, can I get you a drink?"

The next bit is the Matt/Eicca fic I started yesterday afternoon. So far, it has no title.

I bit my lower lip, unsure of what else I could say to him. We'd been hanging out around the studio for a few days now and, while he was friendly, he didn't always grasp what we were trying to say. This was mostly because English wasn't his native language, but it wasn't helped by our accent. While they could understand me perfectly fine, I sometimes had to repeat what the others said. Especially when Padge spoke.

My loss for words now wasn't due to that though, it was because of the thoughts that came to my mind whenever I was around him. Thoughts of him fucking me so hard I wouldn't be able to sit for days. I cursed myself as just thinking about it made my jeans tighten. "Is something wrong?" He asked after propping his cello case against the wall beside the door. Apparently I'd made some form of noise during my musing, though I wasn't aware of it. He strode across the space that seperated us, stopping once he was in front of me. He looked me from head to toe, as if trying to work out the source of my discomfort. "I think you need to..." He paused for a moment, clearly searching for the right term to use. "Get off? Is that it?"

Those are the three main ones. The rest are from my untitled folder and most I've not looked at in awhile. So technically they're not WIP, more like 'fics that are left lying around'.

The first is a Matt/Eicca fic, which was gonna be the first one I did with them (though I couldn't seem to get into it so did Sealed instead).

I watched him as he laid down on the bed, my eyes scanning over the contours of his body. I was slightly intimidated by his size, though I was no less turned on by him. He turned to look at me, biting his lip. "I think we done for tonight..." I smiled a little, nodding and shifting off the bed to stand. Before I could move too far, he grabbed onto me. "Why leave so soon?"

I gulped, letting my gaze fall on him again. I was unsure exactly what he was offering. Did he want me to stay to have a drink or more?

Next is a Sean/Gavin one. It was a request, but I never got into it too much.

His body still lay on the bed, lifeless and pale. I couldn't bring myself to get rid of the body. I wasn't strong enough to dig a hole outside to bury him in and I was afraid of calling the proper authorities. If I did there'd be questions and... well, I was terrified I'd be locked away, even though it was an accident. I never I wouldn't last long behind bars, I'd be raped for sure. I sighed softly, shaking such thoughts from my head. No use thinking about it now. I looked other Gavin's body again, smiling slightly. He still looked so beautiful. I trailed a hand over his milky skin, shivering at how cold it was. I missed his warmth. I missed a lot of things about him. I climbed on top of him, pressing my body against him, kissing his blue-tinged lips lightly.

A Worm/Omar fic that I can't rememebr starting is next.

I lay back on our bed, purring softly at feeling of suction on my nipples. I reaches down and strokes the hair of each of the heads doing the sucking, purring softly. It was now over a year ago that I'd joined this strange family of sorts. I hadn't expected anything like this though, at the time I was just replying to a personal ad posted by the man who was now my lover. I could still remember it. It was a basic ad, though it had the words 'larger male preferred' in it. Well, I was certainly that.

I contacted him after a few nights of being nervous and he seemed really nice. I was thankfiul he'd left his e-mail as opposed to just his phone number since I was too shy to speak to someone I didn't know. I sent him pictures of myself, which he seemed to like. He said I was perfect, which no one had ever said to me before.

Last is the one I always post in these things. It's a Mikey/girl!Mikey fic I started forever ago that I just never finished. Maybe I should.

The drive home was short and fairly silent. He spent the trip gazing out the window at the world whizzing past, while I was too busy concentrating on the road to say or do anything. Once I pulled up outside, I broke the lack of activity, leaning over and planting my lips on his, pushing my tongue between his soft lips and into his warm mouth. I bought my hands up to hold onto him, twirling my tongue inside his mouth, exploring the new territory. I'd only kissed my brother before now, so it felt strange to be kissing him, but he seemed content to let me take complete control.

After a few moments, we parted for air, then silently got out of the car and I led him inside. With my hand in his, I tugged him upstairs, up into the bedroom I shared with my brother. Occupying the center of the room was a large double bed. The only other piece of furniture in the room was a large closet along one wall. Surrounding the bed were three cameras on tripods, one on either side and one at the end. "Strip and get on the bed pretty. Oh and keep those fishnets on."

He nodded and smiled, starting to undo his shirt as I walked around the room, turning each camera on and making sure it had a good shot of the bed. It was on the third camera that my eyes widened at the image on the small screen. "What the fuck..."

Thoughts? Comments? They're all good.

Lasted, there's my fic to-do list (aka a list of mostly just pairings and random ideas):

Jimmy fic
Brendon/Oli - throat fucking (Brendon's)
Frankie being gagged and beaten
Kaulitz twins - torture (like in pic)
(something with latex vac bed)
Femmeslash fic/het
Tentacle porn
Bert porn
MCR Prison rape?
Something with Freddie from Skins
Leone twins
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