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It's like a hologram of all your past relationships

Last night was blah, though I slept early. In fact I forgot to do pretty much all I was meant to do. The comm's pretty much sorted now (cept for the info which I'll do in a sec), so people please join ua_fic. I'm gonna post about it in the Umbrella Academy comm.

I still have a load of fic to read, which I've got open to read later.

I'm still scary addicted to the facebook stuff. One of em's annoying me cause it's slow to level up.

I'm gonna try doing the Matt/Eicca fic, cause I know I need to finish it before starting anything else.

I got kerrang (and some Fanta) earlier. the nice lady she's there. It's odd cause she's not normally there when I get it. Still, it was nice. Kerrang's fairly good this week. 30 Seconds look like mountain men (and not in a good way like Bob). The guy from You Me At Six looks hot again. There's a thing with Frankie that I'll read later. The poster's are the best feature. The one of Matt's hot (and not just cause he's wielding a blowtorch), wiL's looks... strangely sexy. The most amusing one though is Sean's. It just looks amusing, with the big glasses and everything. It looks like such a cute geek.

Next week's looks eh, though the posters are good (I hope it's like this week so I can have all three up).

I hate that I can't sort Mikey's card until mum's back, cause I dunno where one of the things I need to put in it is. I hope it dooesn't get there late causa it.

What else? I dunno really. I hope everyone's ok mostly.
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