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Hooker Amputees

Hooker Amputees
Pairing: Seance/Nathan Leone/Matthew Leone/Ryan Ross
Rating: NC-17
POV: Seance
Warnings: Hooker amputees
Notes: It took awhile to decide who to have as the hookers (and how many there should be). One of my first instincts was to go with the Ways, but I didn't. This is, obviously, inspired by him saying that he could get Hazel and Cha-Cha hooker amputees. I knew I had to do something with it as soon as I saw it. It's set between Apocalypse Suite and the start of Dallas. I'm pondering doing an Umbrella Academy fic comm. Is it a good idea?

I glanced around the darkened street, making sure no cars were approaching before crossing over. This was a seedy part of town, a place where I wouldn't want to be seen out in the open. However, there was one place here that I loved to come to whenever I had the chance. I turned at the next corner, finally arriving at my destination.

It was a fairly non-descript building on the outside. All it's windows were darkened and the only real noticeable feature was a small red lamp beside the door. It didn't even have a sign to inform people of what it was. Instead, it relied mostly on word of mouth and the internet, with the occasional person just stumbling upon it by mistake. I was the latter.

I stopped in front of the door, taking a deep breath and opening my jacket a little before opening it and stepping inside. The interior of the building was different to the outside. The walls were painted crimson and the floor was covered with a deep blue carpet, with both having only the faintest of stains on them. The carpet was a welcome relief to my bare feet, the pavement outside having made both of them dirty. Here I couldn't float, even a few millimeters off the ground, for risk of being noticed so it was unavoidable.

I glanced at the man who stood behind the counter, who smiled at the sight of me. he had strawberry blonde hair that hung to his shoulders and stubble on his pretty face. His bright blue eyes sparkled as he looked me over. He was always the one who welcomed me. "Ah, it's been awhile."

"It has." I nodded and ran a hand through my newly dyed hair. "I'm glad to finally get some time back here."

The larger male chuckled softly, nodding slightly. "Now you've saved the world you want some sexual pleasues eh?" He smirked when I gave him a small affirmative nod. "It's on the house tonight, pick anyone you want. Hell, pick more then one if you want. i know how you adore their attentions."

I flashed him a grin and nodded, my cock already twitching in my pants.


I short while later I was laying on one of the large beds upstairs, my clothes on the nearest chair. I stretched my arms up above my head, awaiting the pretty boys I'd come for. My cock was rigid, standing at full attention between my legs in anticipation for what was to come.

I looked up to see that a man had appeared in the doorway, flashing me a small smile. He was short, with tattoos covering the skin of his arms and a mess of black hair atop his head. While he was attractive, he wasn't what I was here for. What he was carrying however was. I raised my hand slightly, using my power to levitate the person he held towards me. I didn't need to move my hand really, but I liked doing it for show. The form in the air giggled softly as he floated through the air, landing on the mattress beside me. The man at the doorway left, no doubt to get the rest.

"I'm so glad it's you." The male beside me smiled, leaning in close to kiss my cheek delicately. "I hear we have you to thanak for existing."

I smiled and turned my head to finally face him. Hisname was Matthew. He was younger then I, though he had a similar body to my own. He had a shock of blonde hair on his head, which was divided in two by a strip of dark hair. His blue eyes were surrounded by eyeliner and their lids were decorated with deep blue eyeshadow. The most noticeable feature about him was what he lacked. He had no arms, both of them removed at the shoulder joint. His legs were absent too, severed just above the knee. Like most of the boys here, he hadn't needed to lose them. Instead, he'd had his limbs removed to purposely to serve as a hooker. Just as his twin had.

"Oh it was nothing." I smiled and stroked his hair lightly, feeling his stiff dick rub against my side. I heard the boy return, only this time didn't bother to even look as I levitated the new boy on my other side. I glanced athim, smiling as I saw Matthew's identical twin brother. The only differences were that he was a little rounder and had no strip in his hair. His name was Nathan. His legs had been cut off a little higher then Matthew's and his arms had been cut off at the elbow joint instead of the shoulder. Like Matthew had before him, he kissed my cheek, nuzzling against his neck. I knew the twins liked being with me, which made me even harder. They were so eager to please as well.

"How about you both kiss for me hmm?" I lifted Matthew up, smiling as he giggled in the air again, lowering him beside his brother. I watched as they made out hungrily, the noise sloppy and wet. They rubbed their crotches against each other, putting on a very nice show for me.

The boy returned for the last time, bringing with him the final whore I'd requested. Sure, there were others I liked, but these were my three hottest. I lifted this boy like the others and laid him down where Matthew had been. He was called Ryan and he had beautiful and intricate art on his face. Unlike the others, he had a fully functioning limb, his right arm. The rest were cut halfway. "Our hero." He spoke in his monotonous voice, kissing my neck and wrapping his arm around me. It always surprised me how someone as pretty as him had the voice of a male robot.

"Now that you're all here, how about you start rewarding my heroism." Ryan nodded and stroked my thigh, kissing the pale skin on my belly. The twins parted, with Nathan using his elbows to move along the bed crudely. He stopped at my feet, his tongue snaking out to lick at the dirty soles lightly. Matthew leaned in close to me, licking at the skin of my armpit delicately. Ryan moved lower, kissing a path towards my erection. He parted his soft lips and engulfed my full dick straight to the base. He squeezed his lips around me gently, his one hand rubbing my balls.

My eyes lidded slightly as I got used to their tongues working on my skin. I could easily spend forever like his, being ravished by these beautys. I knew it wouldn't be possible, but I could always dream. And come here. I stroked Matthew's hair as his tongue kept lapping at my sensitive skin. My dick twitched in Ryan's mouth, as he suckled on me hungrily. His hand cupped my balls gently, stroking the soft skin with his fingers. I bucked my hips up every so often, my cock head slamming against the back of his throat each time I did.

Nathan shifted to my other foot, licking the dirt off it eagerly. His twin shifted from my pit, kissing along my skin gently until he arrived at my peaked nipple. He took it between my lips, circling his tongue around it lightly. The stumps of his legs brushed against my side as his eyes meet mine. I run my fingers through his silken hair, smiling as he purred around me. If he'd had his own hands, I knew they'd be running over my skin. I knew the same would be true of the others.

I lifted Ryan's head off my cock, knowing if he kept sucking me off I'd cum and I didn't want to cum down his throat. Instead I wanted to shoot up an ass. I just couldn't decide which. I looked between the three of them, stroking Ryan and Matthew's hair gently. "Which one of you pretty twins wants my cock?" Ryan gave me one of his pretty pouts at not being considered, but at least he'd gotten to suck me. I shifted both my hands and lifted Matthew up above me. He giggled softly as he floated, waving his little stumps slightly. It was cute really.

Ryan gripped my dick with his hand, holding it straight up. I smiled, glad for his assistance and I lowered Matthew down onto it. We moaned at the same time as my cock filled his warm body. I held onto him, placing my left hand on his sharp hips and wrapping my right arm around his waist. I prefered to physically hold them during sex. The first time I was here I used my power to move the boy up and down my shaft, but when I came I lost control of it. They'd ended up hitting the ceiling with such force that it crackedopen their skull and showered me with blood. Poor bastard was dead before he landed on the bed beside me.

I moved him up and down, groaning as he clenched around me. I couldn't see Ryan, but I could feel his talentedly little mouth engulf my balls. His tongue wiggled over my balls, his hand stroking my thigh lightly. Nathan kept licking my feet, taking my left big toe into his mouth and lapping at it. They all felt so good in their own ways.

I shifted my hand from Matthew's thigh, wrapping my fingers around him and stroking him at a steady pace. I knew that most of their clients didn't bother pleasing them, but I did. Not just because it made Matthew's whole clench even more, but also because I felt they deserved to cum. "Ryan, jerk off." I felt him nod against me, then heard Ryan groan as he began to stroke himself.

I moved his twin up and down, smiling as the older of the pair moaned as I sped up my hand strokes. It surprised me when I found out Matthew was the slightly older twin, since his body was so slim and fragile looking. He clenched again, his leg stumps rubbing against my sides as he jerked into my hand. I rubbed my foot against Nathan's crotch, smiling when I heard him moan.

There was an interesting thing with the twins, that I found both amusing and very arousing. Whenever one came, the other did too at exactly the same moment. It didn't matter if one of them wasn't being touched, he'd still cum all the same. I wasn't sure if it was a general twin thing, or something special that was all their own. Matthew climaxed, tipping his head back and moaning towards the ceiling as he shot his load across my belly. At exactly the same moment, I felt Nathan's cum land on my foot, covering the sole with his seed.

Nathan wiggled on the bed, moving to lick it from my skin while his twin milked my cock. "Cum for me Ryan." I growled through gritted teeth, holding off myself until I felt him cum. I squeezed my eyes shut to try and think of unsexy images but it wasn't working very well. I saw my brother being serviced my similar hookers to the ones on me now. Maybe I should bring him here. I let out a low growl from the back of my throat, hoping that the little slut would just fucking cum already. Thankfully he did, as if he'd heard my thoughts. I felt it land on my leg, sticking to the hairs that protruded from my pale skin.

Seconds later I filled up Matthew, letting out a sigh of relief as I pulsed wwithin him. I let my head fall on my pillows, my hands losing their grip on his beautiful body as I panted heavily. Thankfully, Ryan wrapped his hand around him, guiding Matthew to lay one my left side, his tongue entering him to lick my juices from within him. As he did that, Nathan shifted up the bed to lay beside me, smiling at me. His twin was giving me a matching smile, although it looked a little more dopey

I took a deep breath to relax myself, then waited from Ryan to stop sucking ass before speaking again. "Gather around children and I'll tell you a tale..."
Tags: bob bryar, fic, klaus hargreeves, madina lake, matthew leone, matthew leone/nathan leone, matthew leone/seance, nathan leone, panic! at the disco, ryan ross, slash, the seance, umbrella academy
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