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Rolling death balls

Things to do today:
*Go back on Animal Crossing Wii after 5 (but before 8) to take advantage of the point special (to get the point based items tomorrow)
*Finish the fic I started last night. It's a new one (and not one I'm meant to be doing) but I started it and got real into it (until I got block and got cold
*Try and remember the vague Torchwood idea from the other day (I knew I shoulda wrote it down)
*Read the articles in the new Doctor Who magazine
*Randomly strum guitar
*Sort stuff for Mikeysaur
*Watch Clone Wars eps (tomorrow)
*Read the myriad of fics I have open

While going to get the paper I ran into the nice lady fom it. She's so sweet. But poor her, she's been up since 7 so she's going to bed.

It started snowing again too, but only lightly. I hope it snows more.

Demons finished last night. It's been nothing terribly special. I wanted to punch Galven in the face so many times cause he's such a twat really.

I'm seeing Watchmen when I'm with Mikey.

I really want these things. They're totally awesome.

All my Kerrang pics are far too blurry to post. However, here's some I took yesterday.

The back garden

The field where the ickle horses live

Ickle Harry

The tee from the gig
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