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Can I smack you around the head?

It's so so insanely early. Why did I wake up at half 7 on my own? It's strange. And I'm sure it's some violation against nature.

I'm gonna snuggle in bed and watch the Will and Grace dvd I fell asleep during last night. I might come on properly once it's done.

Later I'll probably watch the Clone Wars eps I have, since mum'll be out so she won't be a pain. I'll probably do a geeky post about it.

It didn't snow much last night, which sucks.

I posted the first of the two fic (the Bob/Ray/Mikey one) on Thursday, so read if you want. I posted it just after Skins (which was okish, though at the end it made the whole episode seem pointless). The other one'll be posted Monday probably. I've not started the last of the three yet. I'll see what comes to mind soon. I'm not rushing it.

I didn't fic yesterday, since mum was a bitch in the morning and I got achy and had naps.

I probably won't see Claire, which sucks but I'm trying to negotiate it. I'm not too optimistic though. I'll probably end up with only half of what I'd need to get there at most.

I might write something today, once she's gone. It'll depend what comes to mind, though it might be another Seance fic. Or something. As long as my mind can stop wanting to do google searches for bestiality.

Edit: Dragon time.
Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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