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Evening Wear

Evening Wear
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Mikey Way/Ray Toro
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ray
Prompt: Feminization
Warnings: BDSM, corsets, crossdressing
Notes: The first sosodirty fic that I've done. It's sorta long.

I stood in Mikey's doorway, biting my thick lower lip as I awaited him to open it. I'd no idea why he'd want me to come over, which made me nervous. Mikey wasn't the sort to ask people to come over randomly. He'd always have a reason, but most of the time he let the other party know. Most of the time.

The door opened slightly, revealing someone who obviously wasn't Mikey. He was about the same height as Mikey, though any other features were hard to tell. A rubber hood concealed his face, with only holes for his nostrils. There was a zipper where his mouth should be and black tinted lenses where his eyes were. Covering his torso was a black corset, obviously laced fairly tightly. Below was a pair of lacy panties, the same colour as the corset. He also wore stilettos, about an inch high. He had fairly strong looking arms and legs, all covered with a dusting of light coloured hairs, which appeared to be a sort of ginger colour.

I raised an eyebrow at the sight of him, watching him take a step back and gesture for me to step inside. I nodded and bit my lip again, crossing the threshold into the house and pushing the door shut behind me. "Where's Mikey?" I asked him, knowing he wouldn't be able to respond verbally, but maybe he could point or... something. Instead of pointing, he led me through to the lounge.

Mikey was laying on the sofa, completely naked, all slender limbs and sharp hips. "Ah Ray, I'm so glad you could join us." I nodded a little, gazing at his erection. I'd seen him in various states of undress before, but never naked and hard. He patted the end of the sofa with one foot, clearly indicating I take a seat. I sat down at the end of the sofa, his bare feet rubbing against my clothed leg. "Want to stay with us? Join in the fun?"

I bit my lip and thought for a moment before nodding. "Excellent." He grinned a grin that made me shiver slightly. I wondered what I was getting myself in for. "You're overdressed for the party. Strip."

I stood up, glancing at the other man who stood against the wall. I shifted in front of the sofa, reaching down and gripping the bottom of the t-shirt, slowly pulling it up and over my head. I heard Mikey make a purr of approval as my skin was exposed. His eyes were on my body, watching me with a certain hunger in those hazel orbs. I tossed my t-shirt away, feeling my cheeks flush. I wasn't ashamed of my body, though it wasn't as slim as his. My body shape was closer to his brother's in that respect. I reached for my flies, popping open the button and easing the zipper down. I pushed my jeans down my legs, stepping out of them. I turned around, bending over so my ass was facing him, another sound of approval leaving his lips. I removed each of my sneakers, then my socks, leaving me standing there only in my boxers. I turned to face him, hooking my fingers in them and pushing them down, letting them fall to the floor so I stood naked before him. I certainly wasn't ashamed of my cock.

I swayed my hips a little, awaiting him to tell me what to do next. Instead of answering verbally, he twirled his finger around. Taking the hint, I shuffled slowly on the spot in a circle, so that he got a full view of my naked body. I kept wiggling my hips slightly as I did so, making my ass shake. Once I was facing him again his face had a grin plastered over it and his cock was fully erect. I couldn't help but gaze at it, the slender shaft bobbing slightly against his stomach. It was quite beautiful. "Why don't you get to know it better?"

I bit my lip again and shifted closer to him, dropping my knees before him and inhaling the scent. I glanced up at him as he swung his legs off the sofa either side of me. "Who's he?" I whispered, curiosity about his faceless companion getting the better of me.

"Does it fucking matter?" Mikey growled, tangling a hand into my curls and roughly pulling me closer to his dick. My lips opened to try and voice some form of response, but he just thrust his cock into my mouth to silence me. I suckled on the length, my lips closing around the shaft as my tongue wiggled gently. After a few seconds he pulled my head closer until my nose was buried in his curly hairs and the tip of his cock was brushing against the back of my throat. I reached up, cupping and stroking his balls. He began moving my head up and down him, and I was content to let him set the pace. He wasn't the first guy I'd given head to, so I didn't gag at every thrust of his sharp hips.

He stroked my hair, running his fingers through my hair. I purred softly around him, making him moan as the vibrations went through his cock. I tasted the vague saltiness of his precum on my tongue, indicating he was getting closer to getting off. However, he stopped, pushing my head back and off him fully. "You've got a great technique. You're a real natural." He smiled, his voice slightly breathless and his cheeks slightly flushed. "But I don't want to shoot just yet."

He ran a hand down my face, down to my chest. "I've just the thing for you." He shifted slightly, reaching under the table and pulling out something. It was unfamiliar, a pair of transparent hemispheres connected to each other and a pump. "Lay down." I lay back on the floor, biting my lip as I watched curiously as he placed them on my chest, securing them behind me with a strap. He took the pump in hand and started using it. My eyes widened as my chest began to swell from the gentle suction. It was a strange feeling to be sure and it made me squirm.

"What are you doing?" I whispered softly, watching through the clear plastic as the effect of the suction became more and more obvious.

"You''ll see." He replied, using the pump on me for a few more minutes before removing the cups from me. I blinked slightly as I looked down at myself. It looked like I had a pair of tits, albeit small ones. A part of me actually thought they looked quite good, sexy almost. I heard him chuckle, his hands stroking the flesh gently. "Don't worry, they're not permanent." I gazed back into his eyes as he said that, his tongue running over his lips. "But they do look nice." He bent down and placed a gentle kiss on each, just below my nipple. He stroked my thighs; his fingertips lightly stroking my balls and shaft. "Don't you agree?"

I nodded, my mouth feeling a little dry. He smiled and leaned up, kissing my lips for a brief moment before standing up. "Are you a virgin?"

"No..." I shook my head slightly, my asshole clenching. I'd been fucked before, yeah, though mostly it took a lot of convincing for the other guy to do so. My cock was always a distraction. They'd always want me to fuck them instead of the other way around. The only ones that didn't need convincing were most guys that were definite tops and most ignored me for the same reason bottoms were drawn to me.

"Excellent." He flashed me a grin, his intentions painfully obvious. He tossed me a tube of lube, which landed on my stomach. I took it into my hand and popped open the lid, squirting the cool substance onto my fingers. I parted my legs, reaching between them and sliding a finger along my crack. I found my opening fairly easily, pushing my finger inside my body slowly. I closed my eyes, biting my lower lip as I pushed it to the second knuckle. I wiggled it for a few moments, then retreated the digit until just the tip remained within me. I pressed my ring finger against it, then slid both inside myself. I let out a low groan as they filled me, both moving to work me open.

Mikey was back in his seat, watching me intently as I moved my fingers. I doubted I'd need much more prep since my fingers were quite thick and his dick was fairly slim. I pushed my fingers fully inside me, parting them within myself to spread me open. I kept this up for a few more movements, before removing them fully and wiping them on my thigh. I was satisfied I was ready for him now.

He stood up and reached under the table, pulling out a black dress. "Put it on." He threw it at me, smirking as I slipped the material on. It felt nice, but strange, especially against my 'breasts'. "Try these on." He said, handing me a pair of spike heeled stilettos. I took them from him and slipped them on his feet, surprised they fit. They were a little tight, though they were a pretty good fit. I guessed he'd got them for the other guy. It made me sway a little, as I'd never worn such things before and I hoped that he wouldn't ask me to walk in them. "Good." He looked me over with interest and arousal, his dick twitching. "Bend over the table."

I did so, turning to lean over the glass top table. When I looked up from my place, I could see the other man remain against the wall. He came over towards me, possibly to get a better view of us. Mikey moved behind me, pushing my dress up enough to expose my ass. He prised apart my cheeks with both hands, running the head of his dick along the cleft. Once he found the pucker of my hole he thrust forward, burying himself inside me in one go. I couldn't help but groan at the feeling of his sharp hips against my cheeks. His balls slapped against me as he began to move, barely giving me any time to adjust. His thrusts were rough, though the pace of them was relatively erratic. Sometimes they'd come in quick succession, others there'd be a brief pause between movements.

The other man came even closer towards us, the tip of his cock poking out of the panties. "Give him head." Mikey whispered from behind me when the man was in front of me. I nodded in response, carefully grasping his panties between my teeth and moving them down his thighs. He was quite a big boy and his crotch was covered in the same shade of hairs that dusted his legs. I let go of the panties, then extended my tongue along his heavy balls and shaft. I stopped when I reached the head of his dick, parting my lips to envelope him with them. I began to suckle on him as Mikey kept thrusting his hips, his nails occasionally scratching whatever exposed skin they could reach. "Good girl." He whispered above me, slamming into me just a little harder then before. "You may touch yourself."

I reached between my legs and eagerly began jerking myself off. I didn't care that he'd called me a girl in the process, I was glad to have permission to do it. I split my attention between the three tasks at hang: squeezing my ass and pushing back against Mikey's cock, sucking on the mystery man's dick and stroking myself. It wasn't that difficult to do really, although I had to stop myself from biting whenever Mikey hit my spot. I could faintly hear him moan above me, though it was barely audible. I twisted my tongue around his shaft, massaging his dick with my lips at each movement. Although bigger then Mikey, he went at a more gentle pace then he did, his head only briefly hitting the back of my throat every so often.

The room was filled with the sounds of skin against skin and soft moans of pleasure from Mikey. He'd never been much of a loud person and it didn't surprise me that he was the same when he fucked. When he came his voice didn't change much to show any indication of it and I wasn't sure if he was even aware of his orgasm until his soft dick slipped out of me with a gentle pop.

I came next, splattering over the fabric of the dress and the glass of the table, moaning around the cock in my mouth as I did so. I kept moving along his length, looking up at his hood-clad head where his eyes were hidden by the lenses. I felt his saltiness land on my tongue and swallowed everything he had to give.

A few minutes passed and the man had returned to his previous position against the wall, while Mikey was sprawled on the sofa catching his breath. I hadn't moved from my position on the table, afraid that if I did I was sure to fall. "Come here." Mikey spoke softly, though he wasn't saying it to me. The man left the wall and walked to Mikey, stepping beside the sofa. Mikey reached up, unbuckling the hood he wore and removing it. The black rubber looked much thicker then I expected, which made me curious to try it sometime. He dropped the hood to the floor, turning the man around so I could get a good view of his face. He had shoulder length hair, which was a sort of ginger colour. He had slight stubble on his chin and a lip ring through the right side of his lower lip. Perhaps the most noticeable feature on his face were his sparkling blue eyes, which stared directly into my own. His entire face was covered in a sheen of sweat.

"Ray, this is Bob. I'm sure you'll get to know each other very intimately." I glanced at Mikey as he spoke, his eyes on mine just as Bob's were. "That is, if you want to."

Still a little breathless from our recent activities, all I could manage was a nod. But it was the most enthusiastic nod of my life.
Tags: bob bryar, bob bryar/mikey way/ray toro, fic, mikey way, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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