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They are here

Yay! The new trailer think for Torchwood series 3 is online! It looks confusing and bloody and kissage! Can I cuddle Ianto? Random thought though: all the children stop... but what's the cut off age? Like is it all of em under 12 or what? Would Luke be effected? Hmmm. think too much. We'll know when it starts. Why isn't there a release date?

I want the new Doctor Who magazine cause it's about the new Doctor.

I keep playing the new Madina Lake single. I loves it.

I can't wait for the Bullet dvd. Three gigs in one is awesome. Is multiple gigs on one dvd gonna be a standard now? MCR started it, now Bullet.

I managed to get Kerrang and Mikey's card today.

Kerrang's better then I thought, though there's not enough Bullet. I'll put the Funeral poster up at some point. I want to see the new You Me At Six video. It has crossdressing and implied bestiality. I want. One page in it has faded text, which I think is odd. Also odd is the ad for the Fightstar tour. It amuses me that Jimmy has wanker written on his back (though the whole Kerrang tour thing isn't that interesting). I want next weeks.

I went to see nan too. She seemed alright for the most part, though she did start to cry after she got changed. She also kept trying to talk, which I hate so so much. I wish I could understand what she said. I'm useless with it.

I'm gonna take snow pictures tomorrow (if I can find me camera charger).

In a bit (after Skins) I'll post one of the two sosodirty fics. I'm too lazy to really set myself on a standalone to do, though we'll see later.
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