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I have half a mind to throw this martini right in your face

I've fnally finished the second sosodirty fic today (the matt/Padge/Jay one). Thank fuck. I was close to finishing it yesterday (or so I thought) but I was too tired to do so. I ended up doing a full page more today, which is practically all sex. I wish I could just post it now, cause I'm real happy with it.

I get the feeling I won't be able to do the Matt/Eicca fic for it on time. I was meant to do one a week but that kinda fucked up. Still, I've got a few days to do it. There's not fucking way I'm starting it tonight though. Maybe on Saturday.

The Desolation Row single's already on the way. Almost a week early.

The snow's still pretty, I just hope it's not too icy.

I'm going off to get my money/get Kerrang/get Mikey's card/see nan now. I'll probably do another post later, as well as doing a shortish standalone. I've got a short list

I may say screw it to the sosodirty rules though and post one of the two fics early. Which one though? The Matt/Padge/Jay one or the Mikey/Ray/Bob one? Opinions? Thoughts? I need them before... say, 8 tonight. So in five hours. Then I'll decide if I should.
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