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I just don't want to fill in the forms

I've still felt so drained and just... I dunno. I haven't felt like doing much of anything, or leaving bed. Strangely though, I've managed to catch Pokemon, but then I just go back to sleep and don't get up till near 12. Then I just sit at the computer, unable to think of anything before getting the urge to curl up in bed.

I couldn't get change to get Kerrang today, but I'm getting it tomorrow anyway. That's if there's not 10 inches of snow everywhere. I'll see nan too. Apparently she's mostly ok.

I kept setting myself deadlines, 5 over the past day, to finish the fic but I've not been able to do it. It should be easy cause I'm near the end, but it's not. I've pondered doing a standalone, but nothing comes to mind for one of those either. Meh, I hate this fucking block.

Thankfully the trouble with my head has stopped, so at least that's something.

I managed to catch th repeat of Skins last night. Cook's a twat, I wanna punch him. I wanna punch the bitchy twin too. JJ's so cute, so's Freddie. I want them to kiss. At least.

I'm downloading the most recent Clone Wars ep. I'm gonna do a run of the last 5 on Friday.

I'm gonna read through all the Umbrella Academy's in a row. I get the urge to e-mail them about it for some reason.

I'm gonna be going to Give It A Name with Mikey this year. For The Blackout.

I'm going back to being a bit useless and watching tv.
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