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I don't have fat jeans!

I decided to watch the thing with the new Doctor as opposed to the Jack the ripper thing. Was it any good?

I'm in a similar blank headspace like yesterday. I dunno why. I spen most of last night in bed.

The snow's pretty still.

I wish mum'd go sooner, she's annoyed the hell outta me since she got back over an hour ago.

Things to do today:
*Animal Crossing Wii
*Animal Crossing DS
*Use the stupid, dumbass hoover
*Finish the second fic for sosodirty (which I've wanted to do for days now. It's been slow going... damn Bullet)
*Brainstorm for other fics
*Put some dvds back in their places

From karluvmost

1)Under a cut, type in your top ten imaginary boyfriends. This list can include celebrities, fictional characters, musicians and actors - dead or alive. They don't have to be in order.
2) Please include a picture, along with a tiny two-sentence (approx.) description of why he is on the list.
3) Then tag at least five people from your friends list to make a list of their own! HAVE FUN!

I've decided to make it only bandom guys, cause I tend to get mixed up if I add others (there's so many people I wanted to add, yet changed as I uploaded it). All are in no real order.

10: Mateo Camargo [Madina Lake] - He's got something about him. I'm not entirely sure what but...

9: Matthew and Nathan Leone [Madina Lake] - They're pretty twins, end of. And they have nice eyes.

8: Jepha Howard [The Used] - He's got a quality about him, I'm not sure what it is really.

7: Georg Listing [Tokio Hotel] - For some reason I just think he's really pretty, sometimes prettier then Bill is. Maybe it's the dirtiness.

6: Ilan Rubin [Lostprophets/The New Regime] - He's like a mini-Ray for one. And he can play a million and one instruments.

5: Gerard and Mikey Way (counts as one) [My Chemical Romance] - Who wouldn't want to get involved in the pretty, incestuous sex?

4: Ray Toro [My Chemical Romance] - The curly hair of his looks so soft and pretty. I just wanna run my fingers through it. That and he's big.

3: Jimmy Urine [Mindless Self Indulgence] - He's crazy, that's why. That and he drinks piss, gets near naked and kisses boys on stage. And there's something about the hair that's sexy.

2: Bob Bryar [My Chemical Romance] - it's his eyes, they're so pretty and blue. And he's cute.

1: Jay James [Bullet For My Valentine] - Just look at him. He's so hot and pretty. And his voice is so adorably soft, even though he does all the growling.
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