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Guys Like Us In Prison

Guys Like Us In Prison
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Mikey Way/Frankie Iero, Gerard Way/Ray Toro
Rating: NC-17
POV: Bob
Warnings: AU, semi-role playing.
Notes: Based on the Desolation Row video. Thanks to nerimari for the basic idea and everone else for being so sweet.

"Stop fucking pacing!" Frankie growled in annoyance from the bunk, his comment directed at Ray. He had spent most of our time in this cell pacing. "It's getting annoying as fuck!"

Ray stopped, but only for a brief moment, before turning and pacing again. "How can they lock us up? It's not as if we incited the crowd to riot." He'd been muttering such things the entire time we were here. He was of course right, but I just wanted him to stop just as much as our other guitarist did.

Frankie's annoyance got the better of him, and as soon as Ray got near him he sat up and pushed him down onto the bunk. "Start that shit up again and I'll slam your face into the wall." That did it and Ray finally remained still on the bunk. The bunk was one of only two in the small cell, the space obviously not designed for more than two people. There was a toilet in the corner, which Mikey was currently perched on. Gerard was sat on the floor, rocking back and forth slightly. The stress had hit him hard.

We'd been here for hours and none of us had been allowed a phone call or anything. Fucking bastard cops. "Maybe we should do something." I whispered softly from my place, leaning against the side wall of the cell.

"Like what?" Mikey asked from his position on the toilet, his hair still sticking out in wild angles.

"Well, you and Frank have those chain collars around your necks..." I hoped they'd get the hint, though occasionally they weren't the brightest bulbs in the box. They both seemed to get it, though I wasn't sure if Ray and Gerard got it.

Frank hopped off the bunk, licking his lips and getting down on his knees. "So you want us to be your prison bitches, is that it?" He smiled, crawling over to me slowly and shaking his ass. As a drummer I noticed all of their asses whenever I looked up from behind my kit. It was fun.

"Yeah, that's it exactly." I nodded, reaching forward and stroking his black hair. I noticed both Ray and Gerard look up at that and I smiled at them both. "It'll help pass the time."

"Sure, I'm up for that." Mikey replied with a smile that matched my own, slinking off the toilet to join Frankie in front of me. "Like you said, we are dressed the part."

"How about you two?" I looked at the other members, my hands stroking the chained collars around each of them. I was eager to get them involved too, after all, they were the main ones that needed their attentions refocused. "Ray, you could be another inmate if you want? And Gerard could be your bitch."

Ray gave me a small nod in response, though didn't move from his place on the bunk. Gerard looked at me, his eyes narrowed. "What makes you think I'd be a bitch?"

"Face it Gerard, you're a sissy." Frank spoke up from the floor before I could even open my mouth. "If this was a real situation you'd be the first of us to be some dude's bitch." Gerard opened his mouth to respond, then closed it again, much like a goldfish. Frank smirked, satisfied that he'd won before returning his attention to me. "So, what do you want me to do?"

I thought about it for a moment, looking down at them both. Ok, so I didn't actually have a plan here, so I had to think fast. "Ok, strip each other." I nodded between the two boys before me, then looked at Gerard and Ray. Ray had beckoned the other man close and he'd began to remove his clothing. Truth be told, Ray'd probably be sucking some other guy's dick just as much as Gerard in prison. However, I knew I couldn't deal with all four of them so there had to be another dom dude, and it sure as hell wasn't Gerard, no matter how manly he tried to act.

I shook my head to rid myself of my thoughts, gazing down at Frank and Mikey. They were both already naked from the waist up now. Frank's upper body was covered in ink, most of which I barely had time to normally appreciate. Mikey's body, by contrast, was slim with pale skin. Both were beautiful in their own ways. They looked at me for a brief moment before kissing each other. I let out a low moan of arousal at the sight, seeing their lips part and tongues clash against each other. I wasn't sure if they'd ever kissed before now, though there was always the possibility they had. Belts were undone and flies were unzipped.

They both slipped out of their pants and underwear so that the pair of them were both naked before me. The only things on them now were the collars and their shoes. I glanced up from them briefly, smiling that Gerard was naked too and on his knees in front of Ray, his head was bobbing in an unmistakable motion. I returned my attention to Mikey and Frank, the pair of them reaching up to stroke my thighs. "Do you want us to do that to you?" I could barely manage a nod in response to him.

He smirked, then leaned in close and gripped my zipper between his teeth. He tugged it down easily, so easily that I had a feeling he'd had plenty of practice with it. Mikey used his nimble fingers to undo my pants button, revealing my boxer-clad erection when Frank pulled back. They gave each other a sly look, then reached up together and pulled my pants down, then the underwear beneath. They both gazed at my hard cock like it was the best dick ever.

I let out a growl of impatience and they both took the hint. Frank's tongue danced over my head, while Mikey's soft lips engulfed my balls. I let out a soft purr of pleasure, suddenly wishing I was sitting instead of just leaning against the cell's dirty wall. "Good bitches." I smiled, petting their heads as they worked eagerly on me. Frank swallowed more of my dick, locking eyes with me as he took the full length. Mikey started tonguing my wrinkled skin, making delicate swipes with his soft flesh. Both of them made me moan in arousal. Their hands shifted up to stroke my body. Frank's reached under my shirt, stroking my belly and chest, while Mikey's reached around my waist to stroke the hairy skin of my ass.

I wondered which of them I should fuck or which I should screw first. I looked over both of them, licking my lips in thought. Perhaps doing it alphabetically would be the fairest way. Frank would be first no matter if I went by surname or forename, which seemed fair. "Mikey, finger him." Mikey nodded slightly, shifting one hand from my ass to Frank's. His slender fingers slipped between his cheeks, clearly seeking the opening that was hidden between them. The guitarist gasped around my cock as the fingers filled him, his body jerking slightly at the sudden intrusion. He began pushing back against Mikey's fingers after a few short seconds, making me smile at how much of a slut he was. Then again, it didn't surprise me. We were all slut's at heart.

Mikey's fingers moved in and out, spreading him open in preparation for my thick dick. Once he was satisfied he stopped, looking up at me. "I think he's ready." He whispered after letting go of my balls, planting a gentle kiss on them.

"Good." I jerked Frank's head away from me, his talented mouth leaving my dick. He whimpered pathetically at the loss and I couldn't help but smirk at him. "You, eat me out." I spoke to Mikey as I shifted behind Frank. I gripped Mikey's wrist and jerked it away from Frank's ass. There was another whimper at the removal of the fingers, but that was soon silenced when my saliva-slick dick replaced them. He let out a sound that was half a moan and half a squeal as I penetrated him.

As I began fucking him roughly, Mikey parted my ass cheeks and leaned in close, his eager tongue running along my crack. He lapped at my ring, working his tongue inside me as I thrust roughly into Frank's body. Occasionally I'd stop my movements and spit on the tatts on his back. Each time I'd watch my saliva slide down his skin a little, before resuming fucking his ass. I dug my short nails into his back, scratching at his skin every other thrust.

"You little fucking slut." I moaned loudly, glancing at Ray and Gerard. Gerard was riding his dick at a rather rapid pace, his head tipped back like a cheap whore. That's what he was really, deep down. It ran in the family. Mikey stroked my cheeks as he pulled back, taking deep gulps of air before returning his tongue to me. I didn't complain about the brief loss of his tongue since I knew full well the importance of air during rimming. It's not like cock sucking where your nose would be free to intake air. With rimming your nose was pressed between the other person's ass cheeks, which would often become unbearable after awhile.

"Dirty whore." I growled again, spitting on the pumpkin tattoo at the base of his neck. "You both are." I pushed back against Mikey's face on the next thrust out, feeling him squirm behind me. Frank's ass clenched around me, milking my cock for all he was worth. They weren't even caring about being touched, all they cared about was pleasing me.

My body stilled as I jerked forward one last time, my orgasm hitting me at full force. I came hard within him, my fluid splattering over his insides in violent spurts. I quickly removed myself from him, pushing Mikey's face into Frank's ass hard. Panting softly, I moved to stand in front of Frank, letting his tongue trail along my cock as Mikey's worked his ass like he had mine.

Ray glanced at me from the bunk, where Gerard was licking his own dick clean. "What now?" Ray asked, running a hand through his sweat laiden curls as the three men finished licking up the cum from their various places.

I thought for a few moments, shifting to slump on the old toilet. "Now I think the brother's should make out and jerk Frank off." There were moans all round the room at that, and not a single objection.

Tags: bob bryar, bob bryar/frankie iero/mikey way, fic, frankie iero, gerard way, gerard way/ray toro, mikey way, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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