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I'm going to be honest

Today's been, obviously, a bad day.

After he died I went to the Co-op to get some cream. Mum insisted on doing a cake to cheer me uup and we didn't have any, so off I went. I also got Doctor Who Adventures for the poster of 11. I'm doing the comp in it after this post. Anyway, the nice lady was there and she gave me a hug. She's so sweet.

When I got back my uncle was here. he was an insensitive prick, which led to yelling and then me storming upstairs. Basically he said it was stupid for me to want to bury Dougie and that it would be easier to just 'throw him in the bin'. Someone should throw him in one..

Once he was gone we buried him. I held Harry as mum buried him. We need to look after Harry now. He needs lots of love.

We had dinner and when mum went I came back up here. I've kept myself distracted, watching tv (although the first Simpsons didn't help), playing on games and writing. I started a Desolation Row based fic last night and I've been working on that (instead of the two fics I should be finishing which I'll do next week). I hope to finish it soon.

It's been snowng. Snow's pretty to watch. I'm dreading tomorrow cause I know I'll have a short fuse and I'll probably freeze on the way.

So my mind's been pretty clear for now. I have a funny taste in my mouth for some reason.

Thank you all for your nice comments and stuff. I appreciate it so much.
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