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Home Away From Home

Home Away From Home
Pairing: Ray Toro/Bob Bryar, Ray Toro/Gerard Way
Rating: NC-17
POV: Bob
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: For ___neg3mph who wanted a slut!Ray fic for her birthday. I hope this'll do.

I entered the club, gazing around the place. I felt at home here among the kinky fuckers of Chicago, ones which would probably be considered freaks by normal society. People were dressed in thick rubber outfits that covered every inch of their body while others were essentially naked. That's what I loved about this place, you could gaze at naked people without feeling like a total pervert.

Compared to most of them I was dressed normally. I wore thigh high boots, black faux leather pants and a loose fitting jacket. I headed towards one of the corner tables, my eyes falling on a pair of blonde twins in cages above us, both completely naked and hard. I stopped at an unoccupied table, slipping into one of the chairs. As soon I was settled in my seat, I pulled on the leash I held.

I gazed at the man that was attached to it, licking my lips slightly. He was my man and he as probably the hottest one here. I felt that his beauty shouldn't be concealed so he wasn't wearing any full body suit or hood. I doubted they'd even made a hood that could contain all of his wild curls. Instead he wore mittens on his hands, a collar around his neck and a series of straps over his body. He also had a ring around the base of his cock to keep his large member erect. He crawled over to me, moving to settle under the table.

"Good boy." I petted the soft curls with a smile, noting that more then a few eyes had been on him. I was more then happy for them to come and use him. I'd once tied him to one of the tables and let him get fucked by whoever wanted him. That had been fun.

I unzipped my jacket and pulled it open to expose my chest for the club. A few more people were looking at me now, but I ignored them and undid my flies. Ray shifted under the table, parting his lips and taking my hard dick between them in one go. He was such a good pet, the best in fact. He began bobbing his head up and down, while I held onto his curls.

After a few movements of his head, one of the scantily clad waiters came over. He only wore high heels and a tiny thong. His hair was a light shade of brown and he had a round belly, which just made him look cute. I'd seen him before and he was quite the regular here. "Would you like a drink sir?"

"A beer." I responded softly, moaning as Ray sucked eagerly. "And the usual for my pet."

"Of course sir." He smiled and turned to head to the bar, though I couldn't resist reaching out and slapping that nice ass of his. He yelped softly, though I knew he was used to the attention, tottering off to get the drinks.

I kept moving in and out of Ray's wet mouth, his tongue doing a dance along my shaft. He was so perfect at giving head, his mittened hands stroking my clothed thighs. I licked my lips as he got me closer to orgasm, my cock dripping precum on his tongue. I came hard after awhile longer, shooting down the back of his throat. He swallowed it all, just as he always did. Like the good pet he was. "Good boy."

He was mine completely, unlike some of the people here. Being owned was temporary to them. To Ray, it was permenant. He lived with me, crawling after me whenever I was home. Well, whenever he wasn't restrained or locked in a cage.

The waiter came back, setting the open bottle of beer on the table and a doggy bowl on the floor for Ray. "Thanks." I smiled, squeezing his thong gently and sliding a ten dollar bill in it. "Keep the change."

"Thanks sir." He moaned softly, then went back to do his job.

I took a quick drink from the bottle, glancing down to make sure Ray was lapping up the murky fluid in the bowl. It was a mix of piss and beer, which he seemed to enjoy. I petted his head again, taking another long drink of my beer.

Only when I'd finished the drink did someone else come over. "Can I fuck him?"

I smiled up at the man, immediately recognising him. He was Gerard, a man from New Jersey who owned a comic book store. By night, however, he was one kinky mother fucker. He'd obviously came home tonight, leaving his own pet at home. "Sure." I smiled, nudging Ray from under the table with my boot. He shifted on all fours beside the table, wiggling his ass for Gerard to touch. The dark haired man undid his jeans and pulled out his dick.

He pulled apart Ray's hairy cheeks and aimed himself for the revealed pucker. "Thanks Bob." He flashed me a grin, then thrust himself fully into Ray in one go. Both moaned, although Gerrad was the louder of the two of them.

"Where's your pet?" I asked him, palming myself as I watched them. I knew I wouldn't harden so soon after unloading, but it wouldn't hurt.

"In the vac bed." I smiled at the thought. Although I'd never seen his boy's face, nor knew his name, he was still attractive. He was all long limbs and sharp hips. I wasn't sure there was even a pound of fat on him. The vac bed Gerard referred to was a bed with a sheet of latex, which would cling to the body of whoever was in it, especially when the air sucked out. I'd considered getting one for Ray.

"Great." I watched them fuck hard, Gerard's nails digging into his skin. It was so hot to watch. It always was hot to watch him get fucked, by anyone or anything. I listened to the sound of skin slapping against skin, focussing on that rather then the various other screams and moans that filled the room. I'd gotten used to it.

Gerard thrust in and out erratically, sweat dripping down from his face onto Ray's back, the droplets running across his skin. He growled, releasing his grip on him and instead slapping Ray's round ass. My pet jerked with each slap, his eyes lidding in arousal. I almost pitied him for being for not being able to cum from this, but he'd be able to cum once he got back. Maybe.

Gerard stilled and arched his back, shooting into my pet with a moan of arousal. "Thanks Bob." He smiled at me as he slipped out, stroking Ray's ass gently before leaving us. I noticed that many other men were gazing at Ray's ass with hunger in their eyes.

Perhaps I should tie him up to a table again.
Tags: bob bryar, bob bryar/ray toro, fic, gerard way, gerard way/ray toro, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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