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7 times anything is always 69

My head is swimming with thoughts and for once it's a good way.

This post is gonna be split uberly.

First off: good news! My headache's gone! or has been for most of the day so far, which is greatness.

Now onto the pregig stuff.

I almost forgot the ticket, but rememebered to go back to it for it once I reached the bottom of the stairs. On the way to the train I saw the two horses that live by the station. One's a little one, and one's full size. Causa the cold the big one had a coat on but the little one didn't. Don't they make them in his size? I petted them both.

I went to the Post Office to get out a bit more money (only £2.50, but i'm glad I had it). Cause I did I missed the trsain so had to wait there for an hour. Bah!

On the train I read Outbound Flight and listened to MSI (they're the easiest to learn since BMTH is all growly and Dir En Grey's Japanese).

No where in Birmingham had the new Big Cheese, so I've got no idea how much The Blackout's in it.

Causa missing the train I had only half hour, so I rushed to Forbidden Planet (and got a Battles In Time for me and Mikey, some new pocketmodels and Umbrella Academy [more on that story later]).

Now on to the first of three cuts for the post.

I then went to the cinema to watch Underworld: Rise of The Lycans (and got confused cause I'm dumb like that). The trailers before it were alright. Push seems like a Heroes knockoff. Knowing looks ok, I'll probably watch it if it comes on tv. Friday The 13th seems... ok I think. I'm sure there was another but I've forgot it.

The best one was the second one, which was for Watchmen. Fuck it loooks so fucking cool. I know absolutely shit about it but that makes me wanna go see. I love the trailer music (I've no idea who it is, anyone know?). I'll probably order the Desolation Row 7 inch causa it. iw asn't gonna.

Anyway, onto Underworld. It was pretty cool. Like with all prequels I knew the jist of what would happen, but the fun is seeing the how's and why's. Tannis was hot and so was young Lucian. At the end I realised that th vampire's place turned into Lucian's keep, cause I'm thick like that. Sonja looks so much like Selene they could be twins.

I loved it. I think you'd like it too Mikey. Loads of werewolves and lotsa blood.

After that I had a look round (and getting annoyed at the Works having trek dvds, I was also annoyed at a job in Blue Banana but it was always closed) then, instead of joining the queue in the cold, I sat and read Umbrella Academy.

I'll just bullet point this part, since I'm rather lazy:
*Seance's torture seems half-assed (sure he's bruised and got a bit of ear missing, but they coulda done worse with him minus clothes). Though them making him wear shoes is amusing
*They kill him, very uncreatively and just in the next page. Bastards
*Hooker amputees gives me images
*Hazel and Cha-cha's heads are appartently just helmets.
*The strange dude from the last issue isn't in it.
*Neither is the Kraken
*Spaceboy 'dies' far too easy. Fatass.
*Heaven's black and white (and god's a cowboy, but yay, he revives Seance so it's all good)
*A load of explanation as to Number 5.
*These time messing people are odd.
*A talking fish?
*Twins? WTF?!
*I'm sure I've msised something out

After reading it and checking my cards I went to join the queue, which extended much further then most lines. Seriously I think it's the longest on at the Academy I've joined the back of.

Cause the queue I missed most of In Case Of Fire. They sounded ok though. If I'd have heard more then two songs I'd have got the cd. I did get a tee however. A Jimmy one. Cause it's cute, not just cause it had mother fucker on the back.

For the firs part of the show I was at the back, studying the prettys that went past. Watching prettuy boys is a great hobby. One was wearing a t-shirt that said 'Nobody knows I'm a lesbian'. Well I think you've found the perfect disguise.

It was here that I ahd to do a double take. A guy went past and I followed him with my eyes, knowing his face was very familiar. It was only when he was gone that I realised it's Oli's brother! Obviously he's the reason for the bad throat. It gave me a fic idea but I lost it.

Black Tide were ok. The drummer got topless. He's hot. I liked their guitars.

I got free shit from the Relentless table, namely guitar things and badges. must go back to learning the guitar.

Dir En Grey were up next. Thy were pretty awesome. I tried to take some pics (as I did over the night, which I'll post in a later post). Kyo was topless and stading on a lightbox. He kept moving like some erotic dancer a lot. They played The Final which made me eee! Cause it was the first song of thiers I heard. The drum kit's really unique. it has a frame. It's odd.

They were meant to do a signing, but I couldn't find them. Maybe they had to cancel it, I dunno.

Next was Bring Me The Horizon. They didn't play many of the good songs, just most of the growly ones. Bah. I still can't understand Oli's voice. I really hope none of Dir En Grey tried to talk to him, they wouldn't be able to understand him even more then me.

Better them and MSI I found a hoodie thing with stars. It's pretty. I held onto it in case anyone came back for it, but by the end of the gig no on had so... it's came home with me. I dunno if it'll fit me though.

Then there was MSI (I liked that a unicorn was part of their set piece). They were better then they were at MCR. Jimmy was much less obnoxious. In the first song Steve was eyelevel with his crotch. No lie. And during the set Jimmy got his ass out not once, but three fucking times. Fuck. You'd be surprised how many guys were yelling at him to take it off (and wolf whistling).

He demanded presents (one of which was a bandana that Steve decided to wear for most of the gig on his head, effectively blinding him), did a sexy dance (apparently a robot dance is sexy to him), touched himself, stuffed his mic down his pants, shed all of his upper half clothing, put on angel wings, pulled his pants down and stuck glow sticks in his hair. Oh and he thinks Britney's god, can't get Womaniser out of his head, thinks we beat up gypsies for some reason, knows what Pokemon is and is crap at maths. He amused me, no lie. He's a crazy, crazy man.

I'd see them again as long as the bitch isn't there. If she was I'd probably pour acid down her throat.

I didn't get anything outside, cause it was all eh.

I got a baguette instead of fries (though I wish I'd got the fries if I'd known how much it would be) then got on the train home and made this post. So I had fun pretty much and now I'm wired, despite having to go deal with social workers tomorrow.

I wanna see the Desolation Row vid more now. Zombie!Gerard!
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