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If it's something that can be stopped just try and stop it

I'm leaving in an hour and a half I was considering going on the 12:25 train, but it's too late for that now.

I watched Underworld and Underworld Evolution in preparation for today last night (I had to finish Evolution this morning though). I really hope Erika comes back in the the next sequel (that's apparently happening). I like her. She's manipulative and will do anything to get what she wants, although I doubt it would exten to direct killing. I wanna know what happened to her. I hope there's flashbacks in the fourth too, so Amelia can be in it. She seems cool, despite hardly being in it and being killed far too easily. I was gonna do a much bigger ramble about it, but I've forgotten the majority of it so...

Speaking of sequels to stuff, I'm really glad there's gonna be a fourth Resident Evil film. That's gonna be all kinds of awesomeness.

It seems Oli is ok to sing today which is good. Annoyingly the poster of him from Rock Sound fell off in the night and ripped in half. Fucking thing. I'll see if I have enough bu tac to put it back up tomorrow.

It amuses me that Bullet's shop has sent an e-mail with Valentines bundles. I prefer the girls one to the boys.

I hate that the net fucking died on me last night just after posting fic. That pissed me right off. Still, it's sorted now. Mikeysaur, I'll try and read your fic before going.

I've a very set to-do list for today. I know exactly where I'm going and what I'm doing. First priority is Forbidden Planet, then have a look round a bit, then Underworld 3. Then I've got a lot of time to do... whatever it is I decide to do.

When I get back I'll do a long, rambly post about it all. You've been warneded.

Off to shower now, cause I couldn't last night, then i'll eat.
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