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The Bedroom Scene

The Bedroom Scene
Pairing: Sean Smith/Matthew Davies/Matt Good
Rating: NC-17
POV: Sean
Notes: It took ages to finally come up with an idea, but I finally came up with one (and this wasn't in my list). Although it's Sean porn so... and I have meant to do a Matt/Sean thing since they kissed at the gig I went to.

I stepped into the cheap ass studio, gazing around it. Cameras were set up all around the small space, some which would be manned and others that wouldn't be. Laying on the bed, sprawled over the well used mattress, was little Matthew. I'd done many films with the slim, softly spoken boy. In fact, he was one of the few full timers here. Right now he was just laying on the bed naked, waiting for the cameras to start rolling. "Sean!" He called from the bed, beckoning me over to him. I smiled and headed over to him, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Hey Matthew." I smiled at him, stroking his thigh lightly. I had to resist the urge to do more to him, knowing we would be doing it soon enough. "Have you met the new guy yet?"

He shook his head slightly, his eyes meeting mine as he spoke in his soft voice. "I hear he's American though." I nodded in response, already knowing that much. "And I know he's doing the next film with us." He paused for a second longer, then nodded. "Oh! And his name's Matt! But that's all I know."

I smiled and kissed his cheek gently, cupping his soft balls. "I guess that's him." I nodded off the set, spoting an unfamiliar face approach us. He looked young and, like us, he was naked. He had soft pink eyeshadow around his eyes, with a ring or dark eyeliner surrounding them too. He had more tattoos then both me and Matthew put together, though my glance over the inked skin was only brief. My attention was naturally drawn lower, to his crotch. He wasn't hard yet, wwhich was a pity. You couldn't tell much from a soft dick. A guy's size soft didn't translate into a similar size when hard. i'd seen a lot of guys with small soft dicks have pretty big things when they were hard. "I'm Sean, this is Matthew and you must be Matt."

"That's me." He replied, his accent clearly American although I'd no idea where it was from exactly. He held out his hand for me to shake, but I ignored it, glancing behind him at the cameras. I waved for them to be turned on, then I gripped his waist and pulled him close, kissing him hungrily.

He quickly became aroused as I pulled him on top of me. Matthew shifted closer to me, his hands running over Matt's body curiously. I let my hands roam over him as well, exploring the rear of his body. I traced my fingertips down his spine, not stopping when I reached his ass. I ran the digits deep along the cleft, circling them around his hidden ring. He wouldn't need much preb from the feeling of it, probably already having used some form of toy on himself. I wise decision.

It took Matthew weeks to learn that trick.

I thrust two fingers into him with ease, his lips parting from my own to moan into the air. Matthew was kissing his neck gently, working a hand between our bodies. He took our dicks in his hand, barely able to take us both in his grip together. He held us as tight as he could, stroking us slowly and making me moan as well. I wiggled my fingers inside Matt, twisting my head to capture Matthew's lips with my own. He kissed back with a passionate hunger only he could muster. It was probably because he had a little schoolboy crush on me. It was all too obvious.

He kept stroking us, though his pace quickened as our tongues danced annd twirled. I used my free hand to stroke alaong Matthew's side, noting that Matt was barely able to move his own on my chest. We kept like this for awhile, a tangle of sweaty limbs, until I moved my fingers from Matt's ass. "On all fours." I whispered to him softly, nodding to the floor beside the bed.

He complied swiftly, getting on his hands and knees in the place I requested. I ignored te cameras as I got off the bed, moving behind him and thrusting into him in one go. He let out a low moan, pushing himself back against my dick. I began to thrust harshly within him, watching Matthew slip of the bed as well. His dick, unattended until now, stuck out from his crotch, hard and proud. He guided it to Matt's open mouth, gripping the back of his head to begin fucking his throat. Unlike mine, his movements were fairly gentle, although his hips jerked rather fast so as not to gag him. It amused me that he always did that, since you didn't get into our line of work without learning how to take dick down your throat.

I held Matt's ass with one hand, using the other to stroke his dick. I slammed into him as hard as I could, his hole twitching around me. My eyes lidded in pleasure from his actions, my hand speeding it's movements along his hard shaft. Matthew leaned towards me, planting his lips on my own again. I kissed him back, letting our tongues twist around each other. If it had been a battle for dominance I'd have won every time.

I counted the movements of my hips within Matt's ass until I felt myself lose control. From Matthew's kiss I counted to five, then lost it. After five my hips took a mind of their own, slamming in and out ever faster until finally, my body arched. I came inside him, squeezing his cock as I released within him. I knew the cameras would be zoomed in on my dick, so I made sure to remove myself slowly so they could make the most of it.

Beneath me I felt Matt cum too, some of it dribbling onto my fingers which were still wrapped around him. I let go of him, blindly scooping as much as I could from his belly before sucking the salty fluid from my digits.

I sat on the bed, watching as Matthew kept moving. Since he'd gotten the least attention he was the one lasting longest. However, even he couldn't last forever and he pulled out seconds before he came. The fluid splattered over Matt's face in a series of short spurts from Matthew's slim, wet dick. He soon fell to his knees, extending his tongue and licking up every single droplet he could.

Deciding I should do my part too, I descended to my knees behind Matt and pulled apart his cheeks. I leaned in close, pushing my tongue into his opening and began to lap at his insides to taste myself mixed with his sweat. I kept licking until I was both satisfied and requiring air, then pulled back and kissed both of his cheeks.

I waved for the cameras to be turned off and turned slightly to watch as their lights blinked off one by one. "I'll see you guys later." I spoke to them both as I stood up, lightly slapping Matt's ass on the way. "You're a great fuck, welcome to the team." I left them both, knowing Matthew would give him kind words and such if he needed it.

Me? I just needed to shower before my next film.
Tags: fic, from first to last, matt good, matt good/matthew davies/sean smith, matthew davies, sean smith, slash, the blackout
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