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One might have predicted homicide rather than matrimony

I had a weird dream last night. Something about warehouses, strange people and vampires. It's oddness.

Last night my comp fucked up and froze for no reason. That pissed me off.

I hate playing Star Trek Conquest as the Federation. I know I've said it before, but it's still true.

I finished House and Voyager last night, so I'm happy bout that. Although I hate that Voyager ended on the first half of a two-parter and I don't have the second half yet.

I lost inspiration and had block though, so I couldn't write a thing. I wanted to do a standalone, but I blanked on ideas. I'll see what ends my head in a bit.

I'm working through today's to-do list (which'll be edited as I do it):
*Go on Animal Crossing Wii
*Go on Animal Crossing DS
*Get Kerrang
*Get ready for tomorrow
*Watch Underworld and Underworld Evolution

It seems iffy if BMTH will be at the gig tomorrow, as they've already missed three. Kerrang's useful as it's told me the order of who's playing. The first two bands are the bands I'm indifferent to, so it doesn't matter when I join the line. I think I'll hang back as normal just in case my head spikes. I'm trying to learn words to stuff for it, but I doubt I'll be able to.

Kerrang's also got a thing with 199 songs recommended by people from bands. Most I've never heard of. A lot of the pictures they've used are just from shoots (the Brendon, Gavin and Ian ones are real old though) in fact, only two pics are new looking to me: Frankie and Matthew. They've also spelt Brendon's name wrong which is amusing. There's also the artwork for Madina's new album, which is only a small pic but it looks pretty. Nathan describes what the girl in it is wearing as 'prostitute clothes'. To me it just looks like she raided Ryan's wardrobe.

Apart from that it's eh. Although one of the posters is the Feb calendar (and eh). I'll probably get next week's on Thursday.

One of the directors of The X-fFiles, Kim Manners, died. That makes me sad. He did some of the best ones. Like Quagmire.

Edit; Vote for Mikeysaur's fic (Occam's Razor)
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