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So please don't take my sunshine away

The electric guy came today. He was only here for about 10 minutes. No banging or loud noise=happy Stuie.

I started the second sosodirty claim yesterday and I'm working on it now. it's the Matt/Jay/Padge one. I'm about a third done. After that I intend to do a standalone to post tonight, though I'm not sure what yet. Most of the standalone ideas I've got on the to-do soon list are torture of sorts though, not smut. Though I'll see what mood I'm in. I may come up with a smutty one (I've got at least one to do, though I'd rather do it after the gig).

I'm watching Voyager again. Seven of Nine has a very nice singing voice. Who'd have thought?

FOB's version of The Simpsons theme is pretty cool.

I've altered my plans for Thursday slightly. I was gonna go at 11 to catch the earliest showing of Underword 3, but I realised two things. First, after the film there'd be hours till the doors open and with no money for food or to properly shop I'd have nothing to do. Second, the later showing's the same price. So I'm going at around 2 instead.

Mum's gonna be gone to college again, so I'll be blissfully only as always on Tuesday. I'll finish the rest of this series of Voyager, then the last of House so tomorrow's free to watch both Underworld films.

My head's been a little better today, though I'll take pills later.
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