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Underneath the stars

My headache was so fucking bad last night and this morning. I went to bed early and I've stayed in it for longer then normal today.

It's calmer now, but if it spikes again I'll take my pills. Maybe Mikey's right, maybe I should see a doctor.

Thankfully I didn't have a to-do list for today, so nothing's interrupted. More workmen dudes are coming tomorrow though, which sucks.

I managed to watch Being Human last night. It was brilliant. I wonder how long the series is gonna be? I'll have to remember to watch it each week.

What else did I do yesterday... pretty much fuck all apart from watching dvds. I'm boring really.

I'm hungry, so I'm gonna go put something in.

The more I hear Desloation Row, the more I try and work out what the fuck he's singing. I get bits and pieces, but not the whole thing.

I've not been on WiiFit in awhile, I guess I should soon.

I may try writing later, if my head calms the fuck down.

Only a few days left to Umbrella Academy (and everything else). I've decided that's what I'm excited about most right now. That'll probably change.
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