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The Oldest Profession

The Oldest Profession
Pairing: Gabe Spaorta/Gerard Way
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gerard
Notes: AU. A random standalone cause I wanted one. And I wanted to do a Gabe fic.

I walked along the New Jersey streets, absently looking at the street corners that I passed. I was looking for company, the kind that could only really be found in these sorts of places. I glanced across the street, noting that there was a scantily clad chick there. Alas, I wasn't interested in that gender.

I'd tried it once with a girl in college. It was very awkward and felt so fucking wrong. Neither of us had ended up satisfied and I never saw her again. Then again, I'd never seen her before that night either.

I kept walking along, hoping that I'd find a male equivalent. I wasn't like my brother. I didn't have the natural beauty and slim waist that he possessed. Every guy I asked out had said no, so I'd pretty much given up finding a man that way. The only way I could get a guy into bed with me was money. I was pretty much content with that now.

I pushed my glasses up my nose, my poor eyesight the only thing I shared with Mikey, that and an addiction to coffee. In front of me, at the next turning off of the road, was a man. He was tall, slim and his skin was tanned. He wore fishnets on his arms, a black t-shirt that looked a few sizes too small and a pair of tight purple jeans. I walked up towards him and nervously tapped him on the arm. He spun around to face me, smiling at me. "Oh hi! I mean... are you looking for a good time?"

I felt my cheeks flush and nodded, feeling inadequate next to him. "Y... yeah."

He smiled at me, licking his lips lightly. "$20 for a handjob, $30 for a blowjob, $50 for rimming, $70 for a fuck or to fuck me or $150 for the night." He took a breath once he'd finished his memorised price list, then leaned closer. "Which is it for you?"

I bit my lower lip in thought. "If I pay you for the night, will you stay till morning?"

"Sure." He smiled and reached down, taking my hand in his. "Lead the way."


I learned his name on the way and he learned mine, but that was about it. I became too nervous to ask him anything and he seemed comfortable in the silence. His name was Gabe. I stopped in front of my house, pulling out of my keys and fumbling open the door. "Here we are."

I pushed the door open and let him in, hearing low moans from upstairs. Gabe raised an eyebrow and I blushed even more. "My brother." With his latest conquest no doubt. I took Gabe's hand and led him down to the basement, where my room was located. "This is my room." I gestured around it, the space fill of all my geeky stuff. Posters hung on my walls and my desk was cluttered with sheets of paper with random sketches on them. The bed took up the middle of the room, though the blanket was tangled up at the end of it.

"Nice place." He whispered after a few moments, and I wasn't sure if he was lying. He perched himself on the end of the bed, looking right at me. "So, what do you want to do first?"

I thought for a moment, trying to decide as I sat on the bed beside him. "Could I... see you naked?"

"Sure." He smiled and stroked my thigh lightly before standing. He began removing his clothes, starting with his t-shirt. He settled it on the chair at my desk, dropping his fishnet gloves with it too. He looked so sexy without his top, his whole chest the same colour as his arms. He didn't have a single tattoo or mark on him that I could see. Gabe bent down and untied his sneakers, slipping both off and pushing them beside the desk. His jeans followed, revealing that he wore no underwear. He had a sexy ass and a nice looking cock.

Once he was naked he came towards me, sitting himself on my lap. My eyes widened as he wiggled his ass against my clothed crotch, my hard dick twitching in it's confines. He leaned in close to me, his lips brushing against my own as he looped his arms around me. He kept pressing himself against me, licking at my lips insistently. I parted my own, letting his tongue slip into my mouth. Accepting the invitation, the soft muscle explored my mouth slowly. He gazed into my eyes, never once closing them as he kissed me.

One of his hands moved back to my front, undoing my jacket and pushing it over my shoulders. He pulled away from me slightly, making me whimper at he lose of contact. It was only brief, as he pulled up and removed my t-shirt, dropping it to the bed as he kissed me. I blushed slightly at the thought of him seeing my pale, chubby belly but soon lost the thought as his tongue danced around mine. His warm hands stroked my skin as he pushed me down against the bed. I couldn't help but let out a small groan into his mouth from the action. He left my lips, the moved down, planting kisses along the curve of my neck then down my chest. I removed my glasses, aiming to drop them on the bedside table but I was unsure if they got anywhere near. I didn't really care either, as Gabe sucked on each of the hard buds of my nipples in turn. He kissed a path down my skin, making me squirm as his tongue dipped into my navel.

He took my zipper between his teeth, tugging down all the way, using his fingers to pop open the button at the same time. Unlike him I wore underwear, which impeded him for now. He shifted off me a little to pull off each of my shoes then began removing my pants and boxers. I flushed again as they exposed my thick thighs, my cock stiff between my legs. He glanced up at me for a moment, then positioned himself between my legs. He opened his mouth and engulfed my dick in one go. I gripped the bedsheets with one hand, using the other to grip the back of his hair. He moved up and down, making my eyes flutter closed in pleasure. He was so fucking good at this, so much better then anyone else I'd had. His tongue wiggled around my dick and his lips squeezed just right. His hands stroked my thighs and belly, giving them gentle attention.

He kept sucking on me, his head moving a little faster on my dick. His hand on my thigh stopped, his thumb rubbing against my ball sac. It made me moan low in my throat, thrusting my hips up. He licked my dick, then moved back from it. "Do you fuck or get fucked?" His tongue trailed over the wrinkled skin of balls after he asked. I wasn't really sure how to answer that, because I honestly wasn't sure. I'd have to see his dick first. As if reading my mind he shuffled back and stood up, showing off his erection. He was latino, so his cock was big, my mouth watering at the sight of it.

"I guess that's my answer." He moved between my legs again, sucking his fingers into my mouth for a few moments. He shifted them between my legs, pushing them between my cheeks and into my asshole. I let out a low gasp, my hips rocking as his long fingers curved inside me. He wiggled them within me a few seconds before retreating them. He shifted up and pressed his head against my ring. He pushed into me slowly, capturing my lips with his again. He began moving steadily, making me moan again.

Each thrust made me groan in arousal, my hole twitching around his erection. He felt so fucking amazing. He was worth every fucking cent I was going to pay him, worth more even. He'd probably get a shitload of business and I'd certainly be a repeat customer. He took my dick in his hand, stroking me at the same as his pace.

"Holy shit he's getting laid!" I heard Mikey from the stairs, but ignored him, wrapping my legs around Gabe's waist. "I wondered what all the noise was!" I flipped him off, not looking in his direction. I heard the door close though, so I assumed he'd decided to get the fuck out.

"Does he always do that?" Gabe asked above me, a small smile on his lips as he kept fucking me.

"Not always. It only happens when the guy I'm with makes me make noise." I clenched around him, hearing him groan.

"So the noise is a good thing?" He asked, his hands roaming over the pale skin of my body. I looked like a fucking vampire in this light.

"Hell yes." With a cry of arousal, came over his hand and my belly. It took a few moments before he followed too, spilling over my insides as he moaned too. He shifted down, licking the cum from my belly, then the cream from my asshole. His tongue made me wiggle slightly, because it felt so fucking amazing. Just like everything he did.

When he was done he curled up beside me and kissed me gently, letting me taste the mix of fluids. "You were great Gerard."

"You too Gabe." I snuggled against him, kissing his neck. "And I'll definitely come see you again."

"Maybe we could off the clock one time." He whispered against my ear, making me shiver slightly.

"I'd like that." I wasn't sure if that was something he said to everyone or just me. It would definitely be something we'd talk about in the morning. I snuggled against him and drifted off to sleep.
Tags: cobra starship, fic, gabe saporta, gabe saporta/gerard way, gerard way, my chemical romance, slash
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