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I was inspired

To write this, I can't imagine why. The Walk Away series will be done soon. :)

In Your Eyes
Pairing: Lee/Duncan, Simon/Antony
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Slash, AU
Lyrics: Kylie-In Your Eyes
Lee's POV

What on earth am I meant to do

I entered the club. Music pounded from every speaker. The same as it always was. My eyes scanned the crowd, searching for him. I silently prayed he'd be there. Eventually I saw him, seeming dominating the dancefloor. He entranced me. He was easily the sexiest man I'd ever seen. His beautiful body. His brilliant smile. The way he danced. What was not to love?

In this crowded place there is only you

"You just gonna stand there staring again?" I sighed as I reluctantly turned to face Antony. He was grinning at me.
"There's nothing else I can do." I returned to gazing at him. Perfection, way out of my league The only place I'd be with him would be my dreams.
"You know you could just talk to him." I heard Ant tell me, again. He must have said it a million times now. "You know, like normal people do."

Was gonna to leave now I have to stay

I sighed. "He wouldn't wanna talk to someone like me." I watched him dance, how his perfect body moved, attracting everyone's attention.
"You must never look in a mirror." He said, laughing. "Cause you're a really hot guy and he'd have to be blind not to see it. So either you go and talk to him or I'm dragging your ass up there to see him."
I felt myself start to blush. "You wouldn't." I knew he would, he seemed more intent then ever at getting us to meet.
"In all the years we've known each other, have I ever said I'd do something and not done it?" He given me a small smile.
"No, never." I sighed, again. "Why are you so concerned anyway?"
"Cause every time you're here you just stare at him." Ant shot me a look, a look that seemed to mean 'I'm stating the obvious here', "I swear you haven't got laid in months."
"4, but who's counting." I knew he was right. He always was.

You have taken my breath away

"You are apparently. Now go. Talk to him." I shook my head firmly.
"I'm not his type."
"Now you're the blind one. He's left here with more guys then I can count, and each one has been different. Believe me you qualify to be his type. You are male after all." Ant took a breath, before finishing. "Although you wouldn't think it the way you act."
I hit him on the arm. "Hey I'm not..."

Is the world still spinning around

My voice trailed off as I realised the man of my dreams was staring right at me. He winked at me, and beckoned me with his finger.
"Finally." Ant said, a smile on his face. "He's after you, go. Talk to him, ask his name." He gave me a little push.
My knees felt weak as I started taking steps towards him. I tried to act calm, to steady myself but I was unable to. He was still staring at me, his eyes piercing my soul.

I don't feel like coming down

Finally I'd managed to walk up to him. He just smiled. "Hey babe." His voice so sexy, so deep. It went right through me.
"Hey." I knew I was blushing. My voice was a barest mumble.
It only made him smile more. "I'm Duncan. People call me Dunk. And your name would be?" His eyes were focused on me, only me. I felt like we were the only people in the world. "Don't be shy." His hand touched my shoulder. I felt a tingling sensation all through me.
"I'm..." I stuttered. I was far too nervous. "Lee. I'm Lee."
He flashed me a grin. It made him look even more amazing. "Well it's nice to finally meet you Lee."

It's in your eyes

He must have noticed my puzzled expression. "Don't think I haven't noticed you." He leaned in closer. "My admirer." Our foreheads touched. "I don't want you to think all your time as been in vain."
I felt his breath on my cheeks. I felt myself shiver. "I'm sorry I took so long, but you seemed happy to just watch."
His lips pressed against mine. 'Soon I'll wake up,' I thought to myself, 'and this will all be a beautiful dream'
He was an amazing kisser. So gentle with me. Not forcing himself upon me. He took his time.

I can tell what you're thinking

I responded to the kiss the only way I knew, by opening my mouth slightly to allow is tongue in. He held me close to him, our bodies swaying to the music as we kissed. Finally he pulled back, planting a kiss on my nose. "Definately worth waiting for."
He given me a sly smile before whispering in my ear, "I hope you're that good in everything else."
I blushed.

My heart is sinking too

"Thanks, but I don't think I'm..."
"Right for me?" He finished. I nodded, that was the what had kept me away. "Sorry to disappoint you, but I think you are." He smiled. "I don't know anything about you but you're name and that you have this energy emanating from you. Plus you're a great kisser."

It's no surprise

"But you're really shy and nervous." He stared right into my eyes, into my soul. "Which I bet is why your friend bought you to my attention."
"He-He did?" Duncan nodded.
"I dunno how I'm going to repay him, but he deserves something." I remembered something Ant had told me, about one of the people who was always around Duncan but didn't seem to be a boyfriend or lover. Duncan looked at me. "You seem lost in thought, babe."
"I think I know how you could, ermm, repay him." I was still so nervous. He smiled and raised an eyebrow.
"How so?" He asked, "Cause he deserves it, as soon as we can give it him."
"Well, you know that black guy right?"
"You mean Sy?" He looked confused for a moment before it settled in. "Oh. He fancys Sy?" I nodded.

I've been watching you lately

He kissed me once more, before pulling me into the crowd. "Sy!" He was yelling.
After several minutes of searching, he came in front of us. "Yeah Dunk?" He gave a glance at me. "Hi, you're the starer right?"
Duncan gave him a slight glare, before blushing. "Told ya it would work." Sy grinned.
Duncan sighed. "Lee here," he emphasised my name, making me smile. "Has a friend who got us together. And this friend happens to like you, so we thought..."
"That I should have a drink or two with him?" We nodded as one and Sy rolled his eyes. "This friend have a name?"
"Antony." I replied simply and pointed in the general direction of where he was.
"Alright, I'll go talk to him." He smiled, "When I find him."
"Thanks mate." Duncan smiled. "I owe ya one."
"Maybe. Nice to meet you Lee."
"You too, see ya." He smiled and disappeared into the crowd.

I want to make it with you

Duncan turned to face me. "Now that that's sorted we can go somewhere more quiet."
I smiled as he kissed my cheek and pulled me through the sea of people. Somehow I didn't think I'd get much sleep tonight.


Dunno if I should write more.
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