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Today's been another one of those slow sorta days. I've just spent it watching Voyager for the most part.

I'm close to finishing the Bob/Ray/Mikey fic. I'm still not posting it until I know I can though, which'll be hard cause my normal instinct is to post as soon as I've finished a fic. Once it's done I'll shower, then write a random standalone (I've got a lsit of ones to do, so I'll just pick the first one that sparks an idea).

After Demons I'll go briefly on AC to gain new KK songs, then watch the Catherine Tate Show cause it's playing on tv.

The dude I e-mailed last night is gonna do at least one of those pics for me. Yay! First is MCR cause he likes the Black Parade outfits. I'm excited and curious as to what he'll do.

I hate Super pets cause I seem to be losing all my damn coins.

I wonder when the UA Myspace is gonna update with pics. It often does on the Friday before release and it hasn't yet.

I had a dream last night that the Used were perfoming a magic trick (making someone disappear). Gerard and Mikey were watching offstage and Jimmy was there being... random. I don't think the trick worked very well though. It was odd.

Things to watch soon:
*Death Note (anime)
*Death Note (films)
*Rest of Voyager
*Rest of House
*Panic!'s live dvd
*Silent Hill
*Star Wars run
*Underworld/Underworld Evolution

Oh and vote for Mikeysaur.
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