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If you just knew what they could do

I fell asleeep early last night (despite napping). I got so tired, just like I'm tired now. Though that could be due to barely eating all day.

My headaches back and last night my stomach went all kinds of crazy on me. I wasn't sick, but I felt like I could've been.

Mum's being more of a pain then usual today. I wanna kill her in her sleep. She's seriously fucking driving me insane. Every day it's something new with her.

This time next week I'll be in Birmingham and be glad for it. It's strange that not so long ago I hated two of the people on the bill. Ah well. Things change I guess. I've gotta listen to Dir En grey more to get it in my head.

I got inspired for the next part of from Into The Darkness (which is now shortened to just the last two parts). Just afteer I got into it though, she started up so I lost my creativity. Hopefully I'll get it back tonight. Hopefully.

The new Skins is on tonight, which I'll watch to see if I click with the new people. From the trailer I can tell one of the guys is hot but I dunno his name.

Before it I'll finish the House dvd I started yesterday.

i got a new person on AC. She's Whitney. I wish she'd been Lucky instead. Still, i can chase off that bmous and the annoying bear. Or try anyway.

I guess I should find food.
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