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Take what you need until your body's numb

This post is prone to randomness. How do I know this? Just cause.

I did my usualness on AC this morning, cause mum was annoying and woke me up.

Last night I watched Star Trek Voyager till The Simpsons, then switched to House. He's so funny and awesome. I'm so glad mum found it. After that I read my Zelda manga (well, that was after playing Star Trek Conquest again cause it's awesome).

I saw nan today, she was alright I think. She tried to talk a little too.

I got Kerrang today. So in leiu of doing a calendar they've decided to do a poster with the dates on... and they release January's now? On the 21st? How dumb is that? (On a side note, I didn't know Matt Heafy was so young, it's scary.) Anyway, the poster's are eh anyway (so is next weeks). I like the group shot of this years Kerrang people. Jimmy has long arms and looks a bit... div like. I read through the Dir En grey article at nan's and I just wanna give Kyo a hug. He's such a lonely, negative person and that makes me sad. Then again, if I hugged him he'd probably... do some weird shit. Then there's a Leathermouth article which I also read (I've no idea if Frankie's even in the pic of the band, but once again it's a fairly violent pic with axes) which was pretty good. Next week's has eh posters and MSI and Dir En Grey again (it's like it was at the height of The Black Parade with MCR in each one).

Food's cooking and it should be done soonish.

While doing the guinea pig's out I saw two recent papers and took them to read later. Why? Cause it's about life on Mars. I think that's pretty awesome. I'm fairly sure there is life there (or was) and searching for it's a pretty good idea. I'm fairly sure we should also check out Europa too just in case.

So, do you think there's life on Mars? Discuss.

I keep humming the Cobra Starship song about prostitution. It won't leave me alone. But yay for them announcing tour dates again! That's the end of May sorted.

I suck at super pets, loosing all the money I've built up over the past week in a day. it'll take me forever to get back up.

I keep seeing the vist Wales advert. Rhod's hot. I dunno why. Probably cause he's Welsh and webbed.

I'm off now for food and then House again. I'll probably return to the femminization fic, so i won't do a fic to post tonight. But soon I'll do a hooker!Gabe fic and others. I'm glad I managed to do one last night, although it took me ages to come up with a pairing let alone an idea (though as soon as I did it all fell into place).
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