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Dan And Jepha Do A Porno

Dan And Jepha Do A Porno
Pairing: Dan Whitesides/Jepha Howard, Quinn Allman/Jepha Howard
Rating: NC-17
POV: Dan
Warnings: Crossdressing
Notes: Based on the fact that there really is so little Dan/Jepha fic, despite the evidence.

Jepha frowned slightly as he looked at his computer screen. I waited a few seconds, before deciding to speak up, curious as to what was troubling. "What's up?"

He glanced up from the screen to me, then shut the lid of his laptop. "How come we esentially tell the world we fuck and nobody notices?" He pouts, a beautiful little thing that just makes me smile. "All Gerard or Bert has to do is kiss a dude and everyone's all over that shit."

"That's cause they're the frontmen." I replied softly, reaching down to stroke his knee, which was barely covered by the dress he wore. He adored wearing them whenever we had days off, although sometimes he'd prefer nudity instead. Either was good for me, well, better then god. I was amazed my cock hadn't exploded from all the hardness's he'd induced.

"How about if I gave you head on stage?"

I laughed at that, licking my lips at the thought. "While that would be... awesome I doubt they'd notice. Plus you'd probably knock over the kit in the process." I slide my hand higher up his leg. "Maybe they'd notice if we made a video?"

Jepha nodded enthusiastically, a grin spreading across his face. "Briliant idea!" He stood up from his seat and his grin even more clear.

"I wasn't suggesting..." But he clearly hadn't heard me, or he'd chosen to ignore me, as he'd darted out of the room. I rolled my eyes, sighing softly to myself and wondering why I didn't think before I spoke.

He came back after a few minutes, in which time I'd returned to my position on the bed, flicking through a random magazine. I glanced up at him, raising my eyebbrow as an annoyed looking Quinn was following him with camera in one hand. "What exactly are you wanting me to film?"

"Us." Jepha replied, sitting beside me and stroking my bare legs. "Fucking."

Quinn's eyebrows raised so high they disappeared into his hair. "Dude, I'm not a porn cameraman."

"I'm sure it's not that hard. Just point at shoot. Pretend you're making a nature documentary or so shit." Jepha licked his lips, his hands reaching up to pull down my boxers. "Please I'll give you head for a week."

"Fine, fine." He nodded, finally relenting and limiting the camera. "Just say when."

Jepha nodded, discarding my underwear and starting on my shirt. I lifted my arms above me, letting him toss it to the floor. He pulled the dress up and off himself, making me pout a little. I guessed nudity would be best or him, since his tattoos would clearly show off that it was him even if the camera didn't catch our faces very well. That and it revealed his rock hard dick, which was always awesome. I licked my lips, my own twitching against my belly. "How should we do this?"

"Apart from who tops?" I smiled, nudging him gently. He blushed slightly, which made me smile. Despite being older and having a larger shaft then me, he was the bottom of us both. I had to practically beg and plead with him just to impale myself on his dick. When he nodded I thought for a moment, looking at Quinn. "Any opinion?" He shrugged slightly, clearly indifferent as to how we did it, just as long as we did. "On all fours."

He grinned and slipped off the bed, knowing I had a shitty balance on the bed. Mattresses weren't designed for doggy style. He got on his hands and knees at the end of the bed, wiggling his ass for me. I bit my lip and held his cheeks open, examining his pretty little hole. I spat at the ring, knowing he''d be still open from our earlier fucking, that and he'd had a butt plug lodged up there for half the day. "Now you can start." He whispered, looking Quinn right in the eyes.

I saw him start filming from the corner of my eye, then thrust my erection deep into Jepha's sweet ass, making both of us moan. I dug my nails into his skin, starting to thrust in and out of him. My pace began fairly hard and rough, just as I knew he liked it. Our groans of pleasure filled the air, the microphone on the camera catching every one. I tried my best to resist the urge to look at the camera, to keep everything as natural as possible. I couldn't help but notice that Quinn was starting to bone up though, which made me smirk. He wouldn't be the first guy to watch us and I knew he wouldn't be the last.

I reached around Jepha and started to tug on his dick, stroking him at a much slower pace then my dick was going inside him. Jepha was groaning like the slut he was, his ass clenching tight around me every so often. He felt wonderful, just as he always did. His tunnel was always so warm and inviting, I'd fuck it for hours if I could but I knew it would be impractical. That's why I had a bag full of dildos and plugs to take my place within him.

I licked my lips, slamming even harder. "Fuck Jepha, you feel so fucking amazing. Your such hot shit." He moaned softly at my words, mumbling incoherently. I smiled and spat on his back, pulling all the way out before slamming back inside. I glanced at Quinn, noting how he occassionally palming himself through his pants. It must have been hard for him, unable to even jerk off lest it ruin the film.

"Cum for me Jepha." I whispered, my strokes on his dick becoming firmer and faster. "Cover your pretty tatts for me."

"Shit Dan..." He muttered, his hips jerking forward as he came. I sighed softly, his ass squeezing me impossibly tightly. It's velvety softness clenched as he rode out his orgasm, desperately bringing me off.

"Fuck!" I came with a low cry, painting his insides with the cloudly fluid. I slide out of him, sliding to my knees as Quinn turned off the camera, tossing it on the bed. He mumbled something about being desperate to get off, shifting in front of Jepha and pulling out his dick for the promised cock sucking. I slipped my hand out, licking the traces of cum from it before prising his cheeks open. Panting softly against his skin. I watched the wrinkledskin of his hole twitch and quiver, the opening seeping out the cum I'd just spilled inside him. I leaned in close, extending my tongue out over him to lap my sweet juices up. Of course, I didn't taste sweet, I tasted more salty. I flicked my tongue over him, pushing the soft muscle inside of him to collect the remainder of my juices.

A few moments later I stood up, his sweat irritating my nose too much for me to remain their much longer. I was thankful for that as I saw Quinn pull back and shoot over Jepha's face. Such a beautiful sight. I smiled and sat on the bed for a few seconds, before falling on the soft sheets. Quinn joined me soon after, his clothes cast away before doing so. "Did you like it?"

"Oh yes, this was a great deal I think." He flashed me a grin and kissed my cheek, as Jepha picked up the camera and crossed over to the computer to upload it somewhere. Hopefully the fans would take the hint.
Tags: dan whitesides, dan whitesides/jepha howard, fic, jepha howard, jepha howard/quinn allman, quinn allman, slash, the used
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