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Secondary Archive - Alphabetical with LJ links #-M

I figured I should do a second archive. The main one'll use the links to my IJ writing journal, while this'll use links to my LJ memories.

2 Hearts Sean Smith/Matthew Davies
5 Dreams Gerard Way/Mikey Way, Bob Bryar/Bert Mccracken, Gerard Way/Nathan Leone/Matthew Leone, Ray Toro/Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone, Gerard Way/Gerard Way [Death, gore, scat]
16 Ray Toro/Mikey Way [BDSM, underage]
23 Needles Lee Malia/Matt Nicholls [BDSM, cbt]
42 Jay James/Padge [Spanking]

A Better Fuck Ryan Ross/Pete Wentz
A Date Ian Watkins/Matt Tuck, Jay James/Lee Gaze/Padge [BDSM]
A Pretty Face With No Name Jimmy Urine/Jay James [Watersports]
A Thousand Words Luke Johnson/Moose
About That Moose/Sean Smith
Access Aleksi Virta/Rich Boucher
According To Plan Bob Bryar/Mikey Way/Ray Toro [Double penetration]
After Dusk Jeff Angel/Matthew Leone
After The Dark There Is Light 11th Doctor/The Kraken, Jack Harkness/The Seance
After The Extraction
After The Sunrise girl!Bob Bryar/Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Aftershow Ian Watkins/Sean Smith, Ian Watkins/Jay Smith, James Davies
Against The Tiles Jimmy Urine/Sean Smith [Watersports]
All In The Mind Ray Toro/The Seance [Bondage]
All The Small Things Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone
All The Time In The World 11th Doctor/Adam Lambert
Alone Calvin Roffey/Jay James
Alone At Last Jay James/Matt Tuck
An Idea Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones/Rhys Williams
An Unexpected Evening James Hetfield/Lars Ulrich, Jay James, Matt Tuck, Moose, Padge
Angles Of Observation Andy Six/Jay James, Ashley Purdy
Appreciation Gerard Way/Bob Bryar, Gerard Way/Frankie Iero (one-sided), Gerard Way/Ray Toro, Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Artwork Gerard Way/Mikey Way
As Expected Matt Good/Sean Smith
As Long As We're Together Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Audition Ray Toro/Ricky Rebel
Axewound Jay James/Padge, Jay James/Matt Tuck

Baby Bob Bryar/Gerard Way [Scat, infantilism]
Back Room Bert Mccracken/Padge [Toys]
Backstage Dan Torelli/Tomo Milicevic
Bad Girl girl!Gerard Way/Lyn-Z [Femmeslash]
Barrel Padge/Jay James
Be A Good Girl For Me girl!Oli Sykes/girl!Tom Sykes [Femmeslash]
Beauty Destroyed Dan Torelli/Nathan Leone [Death, gore, cannibalism, zombies]
Beauty Tips Cat Casino/Dan Torelli [Scat]
Before The Feast Bert McCracken/Dan Whitesides/Jared Leto/Quinn Allman [Fisting, death, cannibalism]
Behind Lidded Eyes William Beckett, Gabe Saporta/Spencer Smith
Being Sneaky Bob Bryar, Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Beneath The HoodBest Present Ever Gerard Way/Jay James/Mikey Way
Between Demons And Insects Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
Bigfoot Duncan James/Simon Webbe
Birthday Boy Jay James/Padge
Bitch Gerard/Mikey, Mikey/Oli Sykes, Bob/Oli Sykes Mikey/Harry Judd [BDSM]
Bitemarks Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Jade Puget [gore, zombies]
Boner Alert Gustav Wood/Ian Watkins, Stuart Richardson
Bounce Bob Bryar/girl!Ray Toro
Boy Matt Tuck/Robb Flynn
Boy With The Bandana Gareth Lawerence/Ben Jorgensen
Boys Will Be Boys Jay James/Matt Tuck/Moose/Padge
Breathless wiL Francis/Matt Tuck
Brown David Desrosiers/Benji Madden [Scat, bandana code]
Bullet For My Valentine Moose
But It's Better If You Do Matt Tuck/Ryan Ross
By Three's Gerard Way/Gerard Way/Gerard Way

Caged Georg Listing/Bill Kaulitz [BDSM]
Captive girl!Curtis Ward/girl!Oli Sykes/girl!Tom Sykes [Femmeslash, BDSM, watersports]
Captured Fun Ghoul, Jet Star, Kobra Kid, Party Poison, Show Pony
Caught Quinn Allman/Rhys Lewis
Cause I See You Lying Next To Me Oli Sykes/Tom Sykes [Bondage]
Cause I've Waited For All My Life Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Changing Rooms Ilan Rubin/Jay Smith
Chaser Worm/Mikey Way [Docking, bandana code]
Children Of The Night Jay James/Matt Tuck
Choke Me Jay James/Moose
Cnych Jay James/Padge, Moose
Collection Adam Lambert/Jay James [BDSM]
Collectors Box Set Jay James/Padge, Matt Tuck, Jay James/Moose
Collide Jason James/Jay James
Come Here You Naughty Girl Jay James/Padge
Coming Home girl!Matthew Leone/girl!Nathan Leone/Jay James/Dan Torelli [Het, femmeslash, strap-on]
Confines girl!Jay James/girl!Spencer Smith [Femmeslash]
Contagious Ray Toro/Pete Wentz [Gore, zombies, necrophillia, death]
Convincing Ashley Purdy/Matt Tuck/Padge, Ashley Purdy/Jay James/Moose, Calvin Roffey
Cooling Matt Willis/James Bourne
Come Undone Bert Mccracken/Dan Whitesides/Quinn Allman
Corpse Collector Jay James/Padge
Corsetting Jay James/Matt Nicholls
Counting Gerard Way/Ray Toro
Craving This Disaster girl!Kirk/Chekov, girl!Kirk/Sulu [Het]
Crawl girl!Jay James/girl!Matt Kean
Cubicles girl!Bob Bryar/girl!Ray Toro [Femmeslash]
Cuffed Jay James/Matt Tuck/Moose/Padge
Curls Ilan Rubin/Jay James

Daddy Gerard Way/Worm [spanking]
Dan And Jepha Do A Porno Dan Whitesides/Jepha Howard, Quinn Allman/Jepha Howard
Dark Harvest Darran Smith/Jay James [Surgery]
Darkness There And Nothing More Loki/Thor
Dead! Frankie Iero/Spencer Smith [Zombies, gore]
Deaf And Dumb Frankie Iero/Pete Wentz [Underage]
Deathcar Omar Abidi/Charlie Simpson, Dan Haigh/Charlie Simpson [Gore, death, necro]
Debut Harry Judd/Jay James
Definition Of 'Busy' Worm/Ryan Ross, Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Desperation Bob Bryar/Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith
Dim Hotel Room Light Worm/James Dewees, Bob Bryar/James Dewees [Toys]
Dirty Work Jack Barakat/Padge
Disadvantages Of Being A Sheikah Link/Sheik
Disobedience Dan Flint/Matt Kean
Displaced People Jethro Cane/Merlin
Dog Day Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Edgar [Bestiality]
Domination Bob Bryar/Sawa [Het, BDSM]
Down On Your Knees Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Downstairs Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Downtime Aleksi Virta/Jay James
Drawn In Bert Mccracken/Chadam, Bert Mccracken/Bob Bryar, Bert Mccracken/Gerard Way
Drummer's Hands Dan Whitesides/Jay James [Fisting]
Duct Tape And Doggy Sex Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz/Hemmingway [BDSM, bestiality]

Emasculation Gerard Way/Mikey Way [Nullification]
Empty Leon S Kennedy/Luis Serra [Necro, death]
Empty Bottles Have Their Uses Matt Tuck/Padge
Enchained Jared Leto/Shannon Leto
End Of Days Jay James/Moose [Gore, zombes]
Epilogue: For The Fallen Battery Jumper/Jet Star
Eruptus Fred Weasley/George Weasley, Ron Weasley
Evening Wear Bob Bryar/Mikey Way/Ray Toro [BDSM]
Excess Energy Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone
Explorations Jacoby Shaddix/Nathan Leone, Matthew Leone/Sid Glover

Fascination Spencer Smith/tentacles [tentacles]
Feeling Hot And Wet girl!Jay James/girl!Matt Kean
Fever Jamie Oliver/Jay James/Sean Smith, Darran Smith/Jay James/Rich Boucher, Jay James/Matt Tuck/Moose/Padge
Filth Ray Toro/Mikey Way [BDSM, scat, fisting]
Fingerpainting Jade Puget/Bert Mccracken [Scat]
First Gerard Way/Ray Toro
Fishnets Gareth Lawerence/Jay James
Fluffy Alex Pennie/cuddly toy
Fluids Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Bob Bryar/Ray Toro/Frankie Iero/Worm/James Dewees [Bukkake]
For The Fantasy Jared Leto/Shannon Leto/Tomo Milicevic [Bondage]
For Tomorrow Dr Death Defying/Show Pony
For Your Entertainment Adam Lambert/Bob Bryar [BDSM]
Four Open Doors Jimmy Urine, Tomo Milicevic/Padge, Steve Righ?/Jay James, Moose, Omar Abidi/Matt Tuck
From The Stall To The Bus Zacky Vengeance/Jay James

Gazing Jay James/Padge
Get It Up Jimmy Urine/Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone
Good Answer Bob Bryar/Ray Toro [Watersports]
Good Little Piggy Moose/Jay James [BDSM]
Group Therapy Ian Watkins/Jamie Oliver/Lee Gaze/Luke Johnson/Mike Lewis/Stuart Richardson
Gun In Hand Sean Smith/Matthew Davies
Guys Like Us In Prison Bob Bryar/Mikey Way/Frankie Iero, Gerard Way/Ray Toro

Hair Jay James/Gerard Way
Hair Pulling Bill Kaulitz/Tom Kaulitz
Hand Work Ian Watkins/Ilan Rubin
Happy Anniversary Ian Watkins/Moose/Jay James/Sean Smith [Underage]
Hard Slammin Bert Mccracken/Dan Whitesides/Jepha Howard/Quinn Allman/Sean Smith
Harvesting Jay James/?
Have At Him Bob Bryar/Frank Iero/Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Ray Toro
Heartbeat In Stereo 10th Doctor/Jethro Cane
Heels Padge/Matt Tuck [Crossdressing]
Hello, the End Is Here Battery Jumper/Jet Star, Kobra Kid/Party Poison
Help Me Bob Bryar/Mikey Way [Toys]
Hidden Talent Ray Toro/Bob Bryar
Home Adam Lambert/Patrick Stump
Home Away From Home Ray Toro/Bob Bryar, Ray Toro/Gerard Way [BDSM]
Hooker Amputees Seance/Nathan Leone/Matthew Leone/Ryan Ross
Hope Battery Jumper/Jet Star
Hotel Night Ilan Rubin/Matthew Davies/Oli Sykes
How To Be A Support Act Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone/Bert Mccracken/Quinn Allman/Jepha Howard/Dan Whitesides [Scat, watersports, toys]
How To Become A Support Act Bert Mccracken/Nathan Leone/Matthew Leone [Watersports, scat, BDSM, crossdressing]
Human Activity Jack Harkness/Sec
Human Nature Kirk/Sulu, Spock
Hungry Eyes Ray Toro/Bob Bryar [BDSM, crossdressing]
Hungry? Bert Mccracken/Jepha Howard [BDSM, crossdressing, scat]
Hunter Darth Vader/Boba Fett
Hypnotic Smile Brian Cox/Rhod Gilbert

I Know girl!Gerard Way/girl!Mikey Way [Femmeslash, strap-on]
I'd Rather Have You Gavin Butler/Gustav Wood/Sean Smith
I'll Never Let Them Hurt You Nitro/Vampire Lacerator
I'm Not Okay Gerard Way/Mikey Way [Het]
I've Seen Another Side To You Padge/Rich Boucher
If You Behave Sean Smith/Harry Judd/Dougie Poynter [BDSM]
If You Carry On This Way Ian Watkins/Lee Gaze
Improvising Jay James
In Some Hotel Room Bill Kaulitz/Sean Smith [BDSM]
In The Dark Bert Mccracken/Spencer Smith [Scat, watersports, bondage]
In The Water Link/Ralis
Ink Jay James/Rich Boucher
Inside Out Dan Whitesides/girl!Quinn Allman/Jepha Howard
Insomniatic Meat Bob Bryar/Billy Martin, Bob Bryar/Ray Toro [BDSM, torture, death]
Instructions Alex Gaskarth/Jay James [BDSM, watersports]
Into The Darkness Jay James/Charlie Simpson, Jay James/Padge, Jay James/Ian Watkins, Ian Watkins/Padge, Jay James/Sean Smith, Jay James/Padge/Matt Tuck, Jay James/Oli Sykes, Gavin Butler/Gareth Lawerence, Jay James/Gavin Butler/Gareth Lawerence [BDSM, necro, cannibalism, death]
Invited Spencer Smith/Zack Hall, Spencer Smith/Ryan Ross, Ryan Ross/Zack Hall [Bondage]
Is It Still Me That Makes You Sweat? Darran Smith/Padge
Isn't It Obvious? girl!Oli Sykes/Jay James [Het]
It's High Tide Baby Matthew Davies/Sean Smith
It's Not A Fashion Statement Jay James/Matt Tuck
It's Not The End Of The World Dan Whitesides/Jepha Howard, Bert Mccracken/Bob Bryar/Quinn Allman, Bob Bryar/Dan Whitesides/Jepha Howard

Jaws On The Floor Jay James/Matt Tuck/Moose/Padge
Just Do It Frankie Iero/James Dewees [Fisting]
Just Take what You Need Adam Lambert/Dan Whitesides/Jepha Howard, Bert Mccracken/Quinn Allman
Just Walks Away No specific pairing

Katsomassa Tundra/Virta
Kääntäjä Darran Smith/Tundra/Virta
Keep On Your Pants And Jacket Gerard Way/Mikey Way [Toys]
Kerrang Tour 2008: By Myself Matthew Leone
Kerrang Tour 2008: No Kissing Charlie Simpson/Mateo Camargo
Kidnapped By The Hill Folk Gerard Way/Mikey Way, Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Worm
King Of The Jungle Dougie Poynter/Harry Judd

Late Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Ian Watkins
Laying Like That You Look like A Whore Matthew Davies/Rhys Lewis [BDSM]
Leash Dan Flint/Jay James [BDSM]
Left Swinging In The Darkness Jay James/Mateo Camargo [Gore, BDSM]
Leftovers Matt Good/Sean Smith [Vomit]
Letters To The Lost
Like Phantoms In The Night Jay James/Joshua Hayward
Little One Alex Gaskarth/Gabe Saporta
Lizard Jay James/Padge
Look Alive Sunshine Dr Death Defying/Show Pony
Looking For A Fuck Moose/Rich Boucher
Love Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Love Is James Davies/Oli Sykes [Necro]
Love The Pain Mikey Way/Ray Toro [BDSM, crossdressing]

Made To Be Ruled Loki/Thor
Make Dirty Love Ian Watkins/Luke Johnson
Male Gay Wenches Dan Torelli/Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone
Man Cave Jay James/Moose/Padge
Marshmallows Jay James/Patrick Stump
Master Plan Adam Lambert/Gerard Way/Tommy Joe Ratliff
Me Time Jay James, Jaymie Brooks/Kevin Nash
Meadow Jamie Oliver/Lee Gaze
Middle Gerard Way/Bob Bryar/Bert Mccracken [Scat]
Mistaken Matt Tuck/Jay James/Matt Heafy [Scat]
Moonshine 11th Doctor/werewolf
My Bespoke Psychopath Matt Tuck/Padge
My Body Is Your Body Spencer Smith/Ryan Ross [BDSM
My Brother: The Whore Gerard Way/Mikey Way [BDSM, fisting]
My Little One Ian Watkins/Sean Smith [Infantilism, scat, watersports]
My Place Bert Mccracken/Worm/Quinn Allman/Dan Whitesides/Jepha Howard [Scat, watersports, crossdressing, bondage]
My Secret Friend Jay James/Padge
My Slut Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Matt Tuck [BDSM]

Secondary Archive - Alphabetical with LJ links N-Z
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