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I'm altering the deal, pray I don't alter it any further

What is it with LJ messing with icons? In the past two weeks two of my icons have.,.. changed. It's strange and unsettling (and annoying that I've had to reupload em).

I may start a Star Wars run, now that the X-Files one officially finished last night. But I won't do it right away. Just... at some point. Mostly cause the films are a bit difficult to get to right now. I wish I had better dvd storage like Mikey does.

I started AC with Padge yesterday. yeah, I was impatient. Now all the bots from my cupboard are in his (thank fuck Nook's had a regal dresser in yesterday). Padge's is sparsely furnished for now. All it has is a dresser, some bots, a clock, the box with light, boom box thing and guitar. The walls and carpet are both matching playroom, so it's bright and cute. Padge's will basically be a spare house, where I'll store stuff I can't at Jay's and display stuff I've no room for. While Jay is wearing Majora's Mask, Padge is wearing 3D specs and a santa hat.

Anyway, enough rambling. Well, AC rambling anyway.

I think I'll do a random standalone later, cause I feel like writing but I'm not sure what. So any clear ideas that enter my head I'll write down. Although I've done a bit to the femminization fic, I don't wanna focus too much on it cause I know I can't post it when it's done.

I'm glad mum's at college soon cause it means I can focus my little mind on... whatever. Although I feel I could just curl up in bed again.

I've three fics open, which I'll read soon too.

Yay for America finally having a sane president today.

I'm not very interesting today really.
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