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We only have to keep them from escaping

Today's been another largely lazy day.

I think I'll have to add another villager on AC at some point. It's just so annoying that the house only has three rooms max. I'll definately have another person on it by Halloween, so his house can have one in that theme. I think he'll be another Bullet boy, maybe Padge and he'll take the house by the sea.

I finally got rid of all the peaches last night, so naturally the few I have had to regrow today. Thankfully there's only 5 so it doesn't bother me. I like that the all the pear trees I have means I can easily get 100000 bells quickly. I hope to get another fruit soon. I want every type of tree eventually. As long as 'mum' sends them soon.

My real mum's calmer today, which is good. Her stressiness really gets to me.

Thankfully her calmness means I've money to get back on the bus tomorrow. I'd go crazy if I had to walk back.

I think I'm doing an anon_lovefest request later, with Bob being sneaky. I've also put in a request for that... secret fic thingy. I started the fist sosodirty fic last night and I've got almost a page done. I may put a preview up at some point.

My fingers keep trying to cross for some reason. It's annoying.

I watch the X-Files last night. Improbable is still amusingly awesome. Scary Monsters reminds me of the Doctor ep Fear Her cause it's a similar sort of thing, cept it works so much better. The last two made me sad, but I didn't get all weepy.

The Simpsons is on soon, then there's Ice Age 2. I'll watch either a film or last X-Files before the Sunday night Project. I don't normally watch it but it looks/sounds amusing.
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