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Into The Darkness Part 9

Into The Darkness
Pairing: Jay James/Padge/Ian Watkins, Gavin Butler/Gareth Lawerence
POV: Jay
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Blood, gore, cannibalism, BDSM
Notes: It's taken far too long to do this part. Sigh. Alas, it's finally done. Thankfully, the fic's almost done. Huzzah!
1: Charlie
2: Padge
3: Ian
4: Sean
5: Matt
6: Oli
7: Omar
8: Gavin and Gareth
9: Gavin and Gareth

It had been a month since I'd taken those lovers and I hadn't yet killed them. Sure, I'd hacked off Gavin's legs and one of Gareth's, but I'd not yet killed them. I decided it was far to fun to hurt them gradually then just kill them. I would when the time was right, but that wasn't now.

Thankfully they were both fat enough that their limbs were enough to keep us well fed, though I'd have to find someone to kill soon.

I stretched slightly on my bed, gazing at Padge and Ian who lay curled at the foot of it. Ian had a cage here too now, right next to Padge's. However last night I'd decided to watch them fuck and just let them sleep on my bed. That seemed to happen more and more often now. I'd grown quite attached to pretty little Ian, so much so that I now considered keeping him instead of ripping him apart. I yawned softly and reached up to rub the sleep from my eyes. Padge glanced up at me and he shifted up the bed. He bent down and kissed my hands gently, pressing his face against my side. I smiled as his tongue lapped at my skin, his nose nuzzling against me. Ian slowly awoke as well and shifted to my opposite side, mirroring Padge's actions.

They both shifted under the covers at the same time, kissing down my sides until they arrived at my thighs. They both extended their tongues, lightly lapping at my skin for a few moments. Ian took my balls into his soft mouth, while Padge did the same to my shaft. Padge began to bob his head up and down, twisting his tongue as the other welshman lavished my balls with attention. Occasionally I rocked my hips up against their faces, but I was content to let them set their own pace. Each of my hands found the back of their heads, gently stroking the long hair I found there. They both pleased me well, twisting their tongues and squeezing their lips.

I let out a soft sigh of contentment, resting back against the bedsheets. I could see the bulge of the covers move as they did, the pair of them making soft noises. If I looked, I knew I'd probably see Ian's fingers buried between Padge's round, hairy cheeks. Of course it could always be the other way around or even both.

I bucked my hips up one last time, shooting onto Padge's tongue. Both shifted back and I heard them kiss to share my fluid. I felt that today was going to be a good day. I curled back up in the bed, letting myself drift back off to sleep.


I yawned softly as I woke a few hours later, glancing at the clock and noting that it was now half 1. I stretched slightly, my two pets curled up on the bed either side of my feet. I reached over to the bedside table, picking up the remote and flicking on the tv.

"An eviscerated body was discovered tied to a palm tree at city limits of Las Vegas last night." Sometimes I wished these news stories actually had the pictures of the bodies they kept finding. "The unidentified male was found without his eyeballs, suggesting that his death was by the local serial killer. As of yet there have been no leads as to the killer's whereabouts. Local police are trying to find out who the victim is before releasing any other information."

I shrugged slightly as the news changed, flicking through the channels until I settled on music videos. I nudged Ian with my foot, smiling when he woke. "I've something for you. Suckle me again." He nodded and returned under the covers, wrapping his lips around my cock. With a soft sigh I released a stream of piss into his mouth. I stroked his hair as he swallowed it all down. "That's it, such a good boy." I felt him smile around me at the praise, a soft purr emanating from the back of his throat. He pulled off when I finished, planting a small kiss on each of my hips.

Satisfied, I slipped out of bed and headed downstairs.


Gavin and Gareth occupied a single cell in the basement, the one that formerly belonged to Omar. Despite their state, they seemed placid when they were together. They were coiled up together, looking pathetically cute. I knew they probably fucked, but I didn't really care. I opened the door and pulled Gareth out by his long hair, ignoring his sobs and Matt's cries for attention from hs own cage. With Ian's help I lifted him on the table I had set up in the middle of the room, the metal of it stained with blood.

I strapped him down to the table, only needing three of the five restraints due to his absent leg. Satisfied he was secured enough, I reached under the table and retrieved the butcher's knife. It was sharp enough to cut through flesh and had been the implement I'd used to remove Gareth's leg and both of Gavin's. Humming to myself, I moved to stand beside his head, raising it high above me and bringing it down. It didn't make much of a sound as it tore through his body, though he made more then enough. The screams he made echoed around the room, the sound instantly making my cock twitch.

I ignored the feeling, raising the knife and cupping my hand beneath it's blade to catch the blood dripping from it. I raised it to my mouth, lapping up the crimson liquid with my tongue. Ian undid the restraint that held the arm to the table and I smiled at his fingers twitching just a little. It always amused me when they did that. I returned the knife to it's position, taking the arm into my own. Ian settled beside Gareth's body, removing his own tools from beneath the table to seal up the wound.

I took the meat upstairs to Padge, dropping it on the kitchen counter top for him to get to work on. I planted a kiss on his forehead before leaving him to it, returning to the basement. Gareth now had a fairly smooth looking stump where his arm used to be. Yeah, Ian was definitely a keeper.

I left Gareth on the table and lifted Gavin up from the floor. He'd crawled to the open door of their cell to see what had been done to his lover. His cheeks were tear stained, which only amused me. I lifted his arms up and shackled him to the wall with Ian's assistance. "There, now you have a much better view." I smirked at him as that just made him cry more. He was such a baby. "Pet, the plug and needles."

Ian vanished from sight for a few moments, returning with a large black butt plug and a box of slim silver needles. He lifted up Gavin's hips, forcing the rubber toy into the man's hole. It wasn't difficult to get such toys in either of them, since their dicks were quite large. Allowing them to fuck regularly helped keep their holes nice and loose. Once the toy was fully inserted I began removing the needles one at a time. I pushed each one into either his dick or balls, alternating between the two. I watched him moan in pain, futilely trying to move away from the needles as I filled his genital with them. After just ten minutes it looked like I'd turned his crotch into a pin cushion. I chuckled to myself, sliding a needle in each of his nipples before standing back to examine my handiwork.

The needles glistened in the light, looking rather beautiful. I reached down and flicked the ones covering his lower regions, hearing him cry out in pain as they moved inside him. "I'll leave you both like this for awhile. I may send Ian to release you if I feel it." I licked Gavin's cheek, tasting his salty tears.

I turned around and walked up the stairs, leaving him in place as I'd promised. Ian followed behind me obediently, leaving his place behind me to see if Padge needed help with the food he'd prepared for us.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, gareth lawerence, gareth lawerence/gavin butler, gavin butler, ian watkins, lostprophets, padge, slash, the blackout
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