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We design kitchens!

I'm kinda stalled on the X-Files again. I think it's cause, although Improbable is all kinds of funny, the last two eps on the disc make me sad (and yes, made me cry a little damnit). Instead I'm watching Frasier and it amuses me that Karen from Will And Grace is in this one.

I'm eating soup mum made. She has her uses.

My head's less iffy, though I did get a goodish sleep. Well, I didn't sleep till 5 and I managed to see Pokemon this morning (then slept again). Yay for managing to see Pokemon. I hate how it's on so early (and the voices have changed) but it's still good. Yay, I'm a child deep down. Now I wanna play Diamond/Pearl. I might go on it later.

Danny's curled up on the bed being all cute and sleepy.

I managed to finish off a Bullet fic last night before sleeping. Matt porn ahoy!

Jimmy does amusing voices. He does a gay one well. His hair's amusing when it's not in spikes.

I'm deciding how much I'll need for the gig. I'm getting Umbrella Academy, the Battles in Time magazine (for the new cards) and seeing Underworld. I may get food or something in the sale, and I'll leave enough to get something at the gig if there's anything good (and any posters outside). Any money left over I'll eat.

WiiFit says I put on weight last night. I think it's crazy.

A bit after eating, I'll shift a bit downstairs. Then I'll come up and look at the fics I should be doing and try to do some before Demons. After that I'll try to watch a film and The X-Files.

And now the poll analysis thingy.

As always, there's a few people that have voted that never or hardly ever comment. that always bothers me.

The Umbrella Academy thing's turned out a bit strange. I did one after the poll and people that said no and eh have read it 9and people that said yes haven't). So that's turned out a bit odd. Well, a lot odd.

Whenever I do a 'which fandom I should write more of' votes are always top heavy towards MCR. Again, it's sorta annoying cause when I do it, some voters ignore it. After MCR it's FOB, then The Used and joint Panic!, the MSI boys and Bullet. then there's everyone else. As before, I'll still do the lower voted ones, cause mostly they're the fandoms that get ignored. Looking at it now I realise I accidentally left out BMTH from the voting, cause I'm thick like that.

A lot of people want me to do Cobra Starship fic. So I'll do something with gabe soon. I'm never sure who's who of the others so... Next there's Kill Hannah (which I didn't expect to get any) and Zacky (who I've ficced and some of the 7 didn't see).

Then there's the what I should do more of, which is pretty much as I expected. Well I didn't expect the bandana fic to get so high, so I'll do some more of them. the rest is staggered but still pretty close together. I didn't expect het, femmeslash, bestiality, tentacle porn or zombie fic to do well. I'll do them all at some point. If anyone has preferences, then just say. Especially for tentacles and bestiality.

Most people think kittens are cute and fuzzy... and then they think they're tasty.

Random pairings are mostly random. Ray/Mikey got most, then Bob/Gerard, Patrick/Spencer, both Gabe pairings, Ryan/Spencer then Jepha/Dan. Everything else is staggered. Like with the Umbrella Academy fic I did both Zacky/Jay and Oli/Curtis since it and the people that voted didn't read, which is a tad irksome.

Mikey would make the best girl apparently. But then it's joint William, Gerard, Frankie and Ryan, then Bill and everyone else is staggered. I accidentally put Spencer twice when I meant to put someone else. I'm thick. Out of MCR I still think Ray'd make the best girl, though I can see them all easily like that. I'm surprised Matthew didn't get many, since he has the same body type as Mikey etc. I'll pprobably use this to decide femmeslash/het fic.

Then there's anything I missed, which 9 filled in (althoguh one says I didn't miss anything and another that they should be boys). I should done: The Blackout!Matthew as a girl, Oli/Brendon, Ray/Pete, Davey getting fucked (although by who...), a load of Bert pairings (I'll do Bert fic soon), Joe/Patrick and Gabe/William.

lastly most everyone is female (though yay for other boys and hermaphrodites!). Apparently there are many sentient cupcakes in the world.

Well that's that really.

Off I go now to finish food.
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