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Empty Bottles Have Their Uses

Empty Bottles Have Their Uses
Pairing: Matt Tuck/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt
Warnings: Bottle insertion
Notes: Done cause I wanted to do Bullet porn and this was the first thing that came into my head.

Padge lay on the bed, drinking absently from a bottle as he always did. He was naked from the waist up, the only item of clothing he wore a pair of boxers. It wasn't unusual for him to be in a state of undress, mostly because he was drunk. He often shed his clothes over the course of a drunken night, which we all appreciated in various degrees. I reached down and adjusted myself, my cock twitching with arousal.

Padge turned to face me, whatever he was watching on Tv no longer holding his interest. "Wank if you want." Apparently my action had caught his attention. "Not as if I haven't seen it before." I felt my cheeks flush, then slipped a hand down my bare chest to my fly. He finished the last of his bottle, turning slightly to watch me.

I blushed more, undoing my top button and sliding the zipper down. I eased my jeans down my slim legs, dropping them onto the floor at the end of the bed. I was now left in the same amount of clothing as Padge, although I was wearing panties instead of boxers. I heard him chuckle at the sight, responding by giving him the middle finger as I blushed. I hooked my fingers in the lacy underwear, pushing them off my body to join my jeans.

Naked at last, I laid back on the bed and parted my legs. I returned my hands to my crotch, cupping my balls gently with my left while I wrapped my right around my erection. I began to stroke myself steadily, turning to face Padge. He had an amused look on his face and he was cupping his cock through his underwear. I licked my lips, craving his concealed cock inside me. I'd had it before when he was drunk, but I doubted he remembered. I started with a steady pace, watching him remove the material I bit my lip to supress a moan as he wiggled them down his hips, throwing them in the vague direction of his clothes. Of course, since it was him they missed them entirely and instead landed on the tv.

Padge's large cock flopped against his belly almost causually, my eyes falling on it and the balls that hung below. I flicked my tongue across my lips, wanting to taste it desperately. He palmed his length with one hand, his other shifting the bottle behind himself. I watched with wonder as his body jerked forward a little. He let out a soft sound I could barely hear, clearly pushing the neck of the bottle inside himself. That just made my cock twitch even more, my pre-cum sliding out of my tip. "Fuck."

Padge chuckled, raising a finger to beckon me over to him. I slid out of my bed, crossing the short space to his bed. I gazed in wonder at the sight of the bottle buried deep inside him. The whole neck was lodged up his arse, with the rest of the bottle in his hand. "You like?" He asked in his deep voice.

I nodded wordlessly, reaching forward to hold his left cheek, parting it to gaze at his stretched hole. "Doesn't it hurt?" I asked softly, stroking myself slightly faster at the sight of it.

"Feels good." He licked his own lips, jerking himself properly now. "And I'm used to it." So that explained why he often took an empty bottle to his bunk. He began to move it in and out of his body slowly, the brown glass of the neck glistening in the light.

"That's so fucking hot Padge..." I whispered softly, leaning in close to lick his hairy cheek. I then shifted around, laying my head on the bed in front of him and parting my lips. Taking the hint, he guided my thick member for my mouth. I took as much of him as I was able, wrapping my lips around his soft skin. I started bobbing my head up and down, my tongue fluttering against him. I heard him moan above, his lips parting as they ooften did when we were onstage. He gripped my hair with one hand, his fingers holding onto me and moving my head up and down.

I was content to let him set the pace, squeezing my lips a little every so often. My right hand remained on my dick, stroking it at a more rapid pace. My nose now brushed against his thick, curly pubes, his scent filling my nostrils. He kept moving the bottle inside himself, though I had a feeling he was losing control. I kept my eyes on him, as he made faces like so many pictures that photographers seemed to get of him.

I kept slurping at his dick, hearing him make more sounds of arousal as he dripped on my tongue. I swallowed all of his pre-cum, my hips jerking at the taste. He kept mumbling various expletives, anything else lost in his thick accent. In the state he was in it was near impossible to even make sense of him as he swore. He jerked my head down roughly, so hard that I was forced to take his whole length, the head hitting the back of my throat. I took deep breaths through my nose as he held me there, licking the underside of his shaft eagerly. He released my head a few seconds later, cumming at the same time. The thick salty fluid landed over my tongue, the rest dripping down the back of my throat.

Sighing softly I shifted back, kissing his tip, then his wrinkled sac. His hand stroked my hair, while I heard the other remove the bottle with a soft pop. I'd have to ask him to slide one into me. My hand moved like a blur along my shaft until I arched my back and shoot over my flat belly.

"That's hot." He muttered, pushing me onto my back and shifting down my body, his goatee brushing over my stomach as he licked my seed up. When he was dne he pulkled me up until we lay side by side on the small bed, his lips finding mine and his tongue quickly probing my mouth. We shared a fairly slow kiss, our tongues tasting each other until we finally parted for needed air. "Sleep now." He smiled, kissing my nose and holding me close to him.

In a matter of seconds he was asleep, snoring softly. I kissed his neck gently, wrapping a leg over his, pulling the blanket up to cover us. I knew I'd sleep sounded tonight.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, matt tuck, matt tuck/padge, padge, slash
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