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Don't be afraid to give it all you've got

My head's light still. Annoyingly, mum decided to be a bitch and start yelling despite knowing my head hurts. It's made my head hurt more. I was gonna go with her to see nan, but she's left in one of her typical huffs. Bah.

I'm glad she's got a match tomorrow, so I won't have to deal with her childishness. Thank fuck for that.

I'm gonna forage for food later, cause she normally does sandwiches when we go to nan's and she hasn't. I dunno what I'll eat, I'll probably cook something as soon as I'm done with this.

I'm gonna watch Frasier as I eat, then once I have I may mess downstairs a bit.

The other Kerrang poster came today, thanks imyournobody! I'll find a place to put it.

Doesn't the Seance in series 1 Umbrella Academy look a bit like Mikey. Maybe I'm going crazy again.

Tomorrow, I'll look at the poll properly and do some sort of analysis thingy.

I'll watch the Dexter repeat tonight, after QI. I missed it causa watching X-Files. I'll finish it by Monday I'm sure.

I wonder what Quinn's getting his face covered in goo for. It makes em more excited about the dvd.

I'm gonna note down my ideas for the sosodirty thing now, mostly for my own reference. Done in order I'm most likely to do them in.

1: Bob/Ray/Mikey [Feminization] - Corsets, cbt, crossdressing, BDSM, pumps, probably won't go the way people would expect, one of the Mikey pairings is pre-established.
2: Jay/Matt/Padge [Scat] - Most likely bottom!Jay, Moose'll at least be mentioned (or maybe watching)
3: Eicca/Matt [Fisting] - ... I've got nothing (why's this one so hard? I can't even decide who tops). I may use the banadana code

As I said before I'm gonna try and do one a week and since I don't think I can post them till I've done it in the comm, that's pretty much all you'll be getting about them.

Other random things I'll (probably) do recently:
*At least one fic set on this year's Kerrang tour (probably involving Oli and his brother)
*A Bullet smut fic, likely involving Matt
*A fic with Jimmy
*A possible Seance/Kraken fic
*Another zombie fic, likely involving Sean
*The last parts of Into The Darkness at some point (if it's not almost done by the end of the month it won't be done at all, but I'll look at it tomorrow)
*A possible bandana fic (though if it'll be a new one of not is unknown)
*Something with Gabe, although details are sketchy
*Frankie beaten and gagged ala the Leathermouth shoots (I just need to decide who does it)
*A possible femmeslash
*A The Used fic, possibly Dan/Jepha at least
*A Tokio hotel fic, possible with Georg (or a continuation of We Might Cause A Fire
*Maybe a bestiality or tentacle fic
*Something with a latex vac bed

Of course I'm likely to come up with some random idea, which'll result in a random one off.

Around mid-Feb I'll consider doing either the Hostel-based fic or the Battle Royale one.

Edit: Dragonsies!
Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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