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Stop molesting the finger puppets!

My head hurts and I've felt dizzy all day. Not only that, there's something on my tongue again. Annoyingness! I keep forgetting to check if there's anything to put on it when I go downstairs. I will when I go next.

I have like 6 billion peaches on AC now. There's even more now then ever before. I'm sure they're worth well over 100000 bells, probably twice that. Hopefully I can go through to Mikeyy's later, but knowing my luck I'll fall asleep or lose the connection.

Going through the Umbrella Academy scans I got sent (thanks all) I found this. Now, is Seance staring at the skin or the blood?

Why is it I love the Leathermouth shoots with Frankie tied up and bloody? It's hot. I wish I had more then just the vaguest ideas for it.

Is anyone going to the Kerrang tour before me (in two weeks)? I'm curious as to what merch there is. I'm also surprised that Oli's brother's being dragged along for the ride. Obviously for the buttsex.

I'm totally getting one of those my word coach games for the ds. I've always wanted to learn Japanese.

Apaprently someone called Mrs Gary Archer lives here. But that's good cause we got a few tiger dvd and some other stuff for only £2.99 postage.

The comp was annoying and needed a restart for no reason earlier. It made me wanna hit it.

I'm gonna go lay down and watch The Simpsons.
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