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I'm Not Okay

I'm Not Okay
Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gerard
Warnings: Het
Notes: Gerard turns into a girl... and hates it. Done for anon_lovefest, which was for a bandom guy to turn into a girl and hate it.

I reached down between my legs as I woke up in my bunk, eager to get off to start my day. I always seemed to have a much better morning after jerking myself off and having a nice cup of coffee. However, as soon as my hand entered my skelaton pyjamas I knew something was wrong. My fingertips weren't greeted by the head of my hard cock, hell they didn't even come into contact with a soft shaft. I furrowed my brows in confusion, extending my fingers deeper, wondering if I was just stroking too high. My tips brushed through the curly hairs that surrounded my crotch and then I froze. I checked and shifted my hand lower, feeling an unfamiliar softness, a fold between my legs where my balls should be.

"Fuck!" I screamed so loud that I was sure the whole bus heard, though I didn't care. I threw the blanket off me and pushed the material down my legs, needing to see it with my own eyes.. I blinked a few times, gazing at my crotch. My cock and balls had both gone, replaced instead by... what the hell was that thing anyway? "Mikey! Get here now!"

Within moments the curtain was opened by my obviously grumpy baby brother. "What the fuck is it Gee? it better be something... holy crap!" His eyes had clearly found my groin, the hazel orbs widening. "You've got a cunt!"

"What?" I blinked in response, turning to face him. "You mean... like a girl?"

He nodded, shoving his hand up under my top, rummaging around. I felt hiss fingers brush against the skin around both nipples. "You have titties too!"

"What's going on?" I heard Bob's voice from behind him, his head peaking around Mikey's. "Why's Gerard have a pussy?"

I blushed bight red, covering up the hateful addition to my body with both hands. "Shut the fuck up and go away!" He smiled and nodded, heading away. "Please don't tell anyone Mikey..."

"Alright." He leaned in close and kissed my forehead gently, leaving me to redress and prey it went away.


A week later I paced my hotel room, looking at my naked bbody in the full length mirror as I passed it. I had hoped that my dick would return, that this was all temportary or some nightmare. However it was still there, along with the pair of breasts on my chest. Thankfully, those were small enough to be hidden by my normal clothes so no one asked questions.

"Gee?" I turned slightly to look at Mikey, who stood in the doorway to the bathroom, a towel around his waist. I gazed at his thin body for a few moments, then returned to pacing. "You should probably get used to it..."

"I want my dick back!" I growled through gritted teeth, balling my hands into fists. I hadn't got off sicne this happened. I hadn't even wanted to touch the new thing I had, let alone explore it.

He crossed the room towards me, stroking my back gently as his towel fell away. I felt his hardness press against my back, his lips kissing my neck gently. "You know, it's kind of hot." I sniffed, not believing him at all. "Maybe all you need is a bit of help to start liking it hmm?" He kissed my neck again, reaching around my waist to stroke my hips. "Remember when we were in school and I taught you about giving a guy head?" I nodded, remembering the night well. He taught me so much back then. "Maybe this will be good for you too."

"Ok..." I replied softly, letting him guide me over the bed. I laid on the soft mattress, spreading my legs when he nudges them aside. Mikey took up a place between my legs, gazing up at me briefly before kissing each of my hips in turn.

"Just relax alright?" I nodded, his hands stroking my stomach gently to soothe me. His tongue wiggled along my skin, doing small circles in a path towards my opening. His movements stopped when he arrived at the... whatever they were. To me that looked like deflated balls and I hadn't bothered to ask him their name. Mikey sucked the left one into his mouth, then the right as well. He lapped at both gently, causing me to wiggle slightly on the bed.

He kept that up for a few moments, then shifted a hand between my legs, sliding the tips inside. He parted then slightly, then wiggled his tongue inside me. It made me let out a soft moan, his tongue going deeper. It felt so strange. I wasn't sure if it was a good strange yet, though it wasn't so bad. I held onto the sheets, one of his fingers shifted to search for something, making me gasp when it pressed against something. Whatever it was made me groan and buck my hips up aganst his face, my body trembling.

After a few more minutes he pulled away, the lower half of his face glistening with wetness. "Can I fuck you Gee?" I nodded, parting my legs a bit more. As if he'd had to ask. He shifted up my body until he was fully on top of me. He kissed me gently as he guided his cock into me, his length entering me slowly. It felt better then I'd expected, though it still felt strange. It was unnatural after all. I watched him as he began to fuck me, his hips hitting mine. He made those beautiful faces that he made when he was getting close. His fingers rubbed against that spot from before, making me rock back against him. I closed my eyes, letting out a low groan as I I wet him more, my body tingling from my toes to my neck. I guess that's what a female orgasm felt like.

I wasn't sure when he came, but I guessed it was around the same time as me, when my eyes were lidded. He slipped out of me, kissing me gently on the neck. "Did you like that?"

I thought for a moment, then looked at him. "It was ok, though I'd prefer it if I had my cock back."

"Next time I'll fuck you up the ass." I smiled at that, kissing his cheek lightly. I think I'd prefer that.


Eiht months later I hated this new body even more. My cock hadn't returned, so I was still a girl. The others found out in the weeks after it happened, Ray first and then Frank. Ray had been cool about it, hugging me tight as I cried against his strong chest. Frank had poked my tits gently before believing it, then kissed my cheek and said it would be ok.

But it wasn't ok.

I stared into the mirror, just like I had before Mikey had fucked me. No one had had any explanation for how I'd changed. We'd consulted with doctors, gypsies and therapists but no one knew how it happened. No one.

I turned slightly in the mirror, one hand on my bloated stomach, my breasts now larger then they were before. Now we'd told our fans we were in the studio, but in reality we'd hardly spent any time there. The real reason was to conceal my condition. I quivered slightly as I felt a soft kick from beneath my skin, tears rolling down my cheeks.

I was pregnant with Mikey's baby.
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way, girl!gerard way/mikey way, het, mikey way, my chemical romance
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