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I'm amazed, I'm afraid

Oh Kerrang how I hate you. How dare you put the Ian poster behind The Blackout one. You assholes. I can't afford to buy a second Kerrang and I really want the Ian one cause he's hot. Bah. If anyone doesn't want it...

Also in it, they like Leathermouth's album and Jimmy gets high off sugar.

Johnny Araya's is MSI's touring bassist. I've no idea what he looks like. I'm listing to their album all the way through for the first time properly now. I'm only on the seocnd song so I've no opinion yet. I figured I have to listen to it properly before the gig.

Danny likes me more then mum, cause he wandered into my room and curled up next to me in bed for awhile. He's so cuddly. Trouble is he left as soon as I moved.

I've just gone on WiiFit for the first time (cause I'm putting off the next X-File cause I remember not liking it). the baord thing on it (and the piggy bank) is so cute! I love it's high voice. It asked me for my height but I'm not sure what it is so I just put 5'9. I hope I can change it when I've measured it. It's a teensy bit fucked up though. I did two tests ten minutes apart. The first one dsaid my WiiFit age was 51, the second said 27. Big difference. Bigger one is that is says I lost 2 pounds between the two. What the fuck? Stupid thing. Both weights are underweight.

Anyway, I'm going back to it now. I can't do too much on it cause there's not much room.

Later I'll probably write something again, if I feel in the mood. I'm gonna watch Scary Movie too cause it's on tv.

Edit: And after a third test with my height being roughly right (thanks to Mikey) my WiiFit age is 21 (-1) and I've gained 4 pounds. How?

I'm also on a random look out for Jimmy pictures.
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