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Sounds like something from Star Trek

Late happy birthday to bloodyhands! I suck cause I didn't send a card, but at least you got present.

I want the latest Doctor Who figures. Specifically I want the set of 25 Adipose. It made me squee so loud when saw it! I'll have em everywhere!

I'm already going through The X-Files season 9. I'll be on disc 2 next.

I watched the latest Resident Evil film last night. Leon's so hot (he totally did the Curtis guy). And the WilPharma place was so pretty before everything screwed up. I knew they wouldn't be able to keep it in the airport for long.

Yay for Kerrang's posters tomorrow! If they're back to back I'll kill someone.

Mum was a bitch earlier but she's calmed down now I think. She's been crazy annoying lately.

The Rock Sound Oli poster is above my bed. Huzzah!

I'm gonna try Wiifit before bed, after I've watched Poirot. I love those mystery things.

Fic things for this week:
*Into The Darkness (possibly Thursday or Friday)
*Undecided femmeslash or het (suggestions welcome)
*Possibly zombie fic with Sean
*Start on the first sosodirty fic
*I got a vague anon fic idea but doubt I'd do it

Next week I might do a Jimmy one or Jepha/Dan or something. I dunno. Most of what I do is random and unplanned, written on the sport. I'll probably do a torture fic though.
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