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All In The Mind

All In The Mind
Pairing: Ray Toro/The Seance
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ray
Warnings: Some bondage
Notes: AU (but not an Umbrella Academy AU... it'll make sense). Thanks to glastocharm for the scan I've used for The Seance. And cause it's Claire's birthday (and I didn't think to do her anything specific) this is for yous.

I bounced slightly as I left the comic book store, clutching the hand of the small bag tightly in my hand. It was the last Wednesday of the month, which meant that I had made the trip here specially to get what was inside the bag. As soon as I'd arrived in the store the clerk had just rolled his eyes and pulled out the comic from beneath the counter, waving me over so I wouldn't have to look. I never knew his real name, but I'd overheard someone call him Worm once. Why I wasn't sure. He was used to my monthly vists now. I wouldn't be surprised if the large man thought of me as his period or something.

Rolling my eyes at myself, I climbed into my car and driven off home, barely able to contain my excitement. Thankfully home was little over ten minutes away, so I parked in the driveway as soon as I arrived and practically stumbled over my own feet to get inside.

As soon as I was in my bedroom, I sat on the bed and reached into the bag, sliding out the comic that lay within. I reclined my head back against the headboard, pushed my glasses up the bridge of my nose and began reading the newest Umbrella Academy.


When I'd finished I set it carefully on the pile on the bedside table and then I gazed at the ceiling. More then ever I before I needed the next issue. How could they end it like that? How could they leave it with Seance being knocked out by those... weirdos. I couldn't help but squirm on the bed, my cock hard in my pants.

The left me to imagine what they'd do to him for the next month and my mind was already coming up with images. Although torture would be far more likely, I automatically began thinking of them doing sexual things to the man.

I reached down and undid my fly, running my tongue over my thick lips. I shifted my hand inside my pants, thinking about him. I was sure it was wrong to obsess over a comic book character this much, but I didn't really care. I had dreams about him often, wet ones mostly, each one filled with images that were more explicit then any porn film I'd ever seen. Sometimes I wondered where my mind found such thoughts from.

I wrapped my fingers around my member, starting to stroke my large dick. I let my mind wander, gathering up images of him. He was tied to a chair, completely naked. The moonlight that shone through the window illuminated his pale skin. In contrast to the milky white of his skin there was the ebony black of his hair and his painted nails. He was much slimmer then I was, with a flat stomach and slender limbs. The rope that held him were wrapped around his wrists and ankles, connecting them to the chair's arms and legs. A fifth length of rope was looped around his torso just above his waist. His head was slumped to one side, indicating he was still unconcious. His limp dick flopped to the left side, the tip pressing against his thigh.

It was a beautiful sight to be sure, or at least it was in my head.

He wasn't alone for long. I was rarely involved in my fantasies and this one was one of those. Someone growled in my ear, ordering me to get over there to service him. I crawled along the floor, as naked as he was only without the restraints. I stopped in front of him, looking up at him to see he was still passed out. I leaned in close, extending my tongue to lick at his sac. I lapped his balls gently, purring softly at the taste of him. I shifted a little and ran my tongue up along his length, feeling it twitch against me. I wiggled my tongue against his tip, watching him as he began to wake.

He blinked as he woke, at first wiggling against the bonds, though he stilled such movements when I swallowed his semi-hard cock. He let out a low groan, his sharp hips shifting up to meet my face. His dick hardened in my mouth, filling it with it's throbbing warmth. I began to bob up and down, my hands cradling his balls as I sucked on him. He tasted amazing in my head, his pale cock filling my senses as it pressed against the back of my throat. I knew it probably made it bulge, but I didn't care, ravishing him with my lips and tongue.

I moved my right hand between my legs to my crotch, stroking my cock like I did for real. My glasses pressed into the curls of his pubic hair. I smiled around him at the fact that his dark curls had been dyed black as well. I increased the speed of my suction as well as my hand, moaning softly into the air around me. I bucked my hips up as his cock started to dribble down the back of my throat in my head. I hummed softly around him, flicking my tongue along his length and over his slick head. He let out a low moan, then flooded my tongue with his salty-sweet fluid.

It took me a few seconds to release that the taste on my tongue was my own, my first shot of cum having landed into my open mouth from the force of my orgasm. The rest landed over my clothed body. I cursed myself briefly for not getting naked beforehand, panting as I scooped up the pools from my tee. I licked it away from my fingers, my eyes lidding slightly at the taste. I only wished it was him.

My thoughts were disturbed by the shrill ring of the doorbell, the shock of it causing me to jump. I quickly slithed off the bed, doing up my fliesand heading down statirs, running my fingers through my sweat drenched curls. I open the door to my home, gazing curiously at the man beyond.

He was about my height, with strawberry blond hair tthat hungg to his neck. His blue eyes sparkled as he examined me curiously, an eyebrow raising when he noted one of my stains. I blushed bright red, but he didn't say anything. "Are you Mr Toro?"

"That's me." I nodded, noting the UPS van that was parked on the sidewalk in front of my house. Clearly he was a delivery man for them, that went by the name Bob according to his nametag. In his hand was a clipboard, a slim package held beneath it.

"Great." He smiled at me and handed me the cliboard. "Just sign and print there."

I nodded and grasped the attached pen between my fingers, shakily writing my name and signing in the space provided. I wasn't expecting to get anything, so I wondered what it could be. Once I was done he took the clipboard back. "Thanks, here you go." He smiled again and handed me the package he held. "Have a nice day."

"You too." I smiled, watching his ass as he moved back to the van, steppin inside once he got within it. I examined the package, which wasn't much much more then an envelope. The postage sticker indicated it had been mailed from New York at some point yesterday.

I flopped down on the chair in the living room, carefully opening it and pulling out the contents within. The first thing was a comic book, the exact same one I'd gotten today. However this one had marks on the front of it. Normally such marks would indeed annoy me, but these were signatures of the people that worked on it. "Fuck!" I grinned wondering exactly how or why they'd send such a thing to me.

And then I vaguely remembered it. I'd had a very drinks and sent them a letter, vaguely detailing that I thought they were awesome and that Seance was hot. That and I had sex dreams with him. I slapped myself on the forehead for that, realising that they'd actually read my letter. "Fuck, fuck fuck!" I carelly placed the comic on the table, then saw that there were two more sheets of paper within.

The first was a letter, which I skimmed through quickly. It was from Gerard himself, handwritten and signed. It was a little hard to read, though I could make out the jist of it. He said that my letter amused and aroused him and that it was a pretty ballsy thing of me to do. Also he said that his baby brother recognised my name from high school, so that made him decide to definately send what was included.

What I saw on the next sheet of paper made me dash upstairs back to my room to repeat my earlier actions again.

He'd done me a full colour drawing of Seance naked.
Tags: fic, klaus hargreeves, my chemical romance, ray toro, ray toro/seance, slash, the seance, umbrella academy
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