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Of course you wouldn't remember me, you were dead at the time

My tummy's felt woozy all day which sucks. I keep feeling like I might be sick. It enever gets to the back of my throat, but I still feel it. I've tried to sleep it off, but it's not worked.

I'm finishing off The X-Files season 8 in a few minutes. Just two episodes left. I think I'll watch a film tonight before starting on 9. I dunno which film it'd be though.

I'm trying to find good Umbrella Academy pics online. All I'm finding really is the covers. What I'm really looking for is character pictures, specifically ones of the Seance. So if anyone can hit me up with some, that'd be great.

I had an idea last night while I was writing the fic I posted and that's what I've tried to do today. I'm probably about halfway through right now. I had an image that just randomly fluttered into my mind and it was so cute I couldn't not do it.

So yeah.

I think I might eat soon. That sounds good.

The prize guy was on AC this morning, so I yoinked a pinwheel. It's amusing.

Yeah, I'm definately gonna get some food, see if that helps my tummy and head. Au revoir.
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