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From The Stall To The Bus

From The Stall To The Bus
Pairing: Zacky Vengeance/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: None really, just smut.

I gazed at Zacky, my studded tongue flicking over my lips as I did so. "Quit staring will you?" I heard Padge mumble from beside me, turning my head to give him my attention, tearing my eyes away from Zacky's ass. He rolled his eyes and shook his head. "You know the lead of their band's got outdated ideas, what makes you think he's any different?"

"And our lead likes wearing panties with skid marks, does that mean we all do too?" A slight flush on Padge's cheeks indicated that perhaps he was into it too. Now it was my turn to roll my eyes. "Besides, there's no harm in thinking about it right?"

"Then think about it somewhere else." Padge nudged me in the side. "Moose and Matt are on the bus, but there's a perfectly good toilet stall in the toilets."

Sighing to myself, I decided to take his advice and left him there.


He was right about the toilets. There was only one good stall out of the three. The door to the one on the left was unhinged, while the far right stall lacked a door altogether. I pushed the door of the middle one open and stepped inside, bolting the door before I sat on the lid of the toilet seat.

I undid my jeans, pulling open my fly and shifting my boxers down enough to free my erection. I detested sneaking into toilets to do this, but my bulge was too noticeable and too needy to go unattended. I reached down and wrapped my cock with my fingers. I began to stroke myself eagerly, images of Zacky entering my mind. They were unspecific really, just of him being naked. However, since I'd never seen him naked my mind made up the tattoos that I knew were concealed by clothing.

My mind didn't see him doing anything to me though. After all, what would he want with me? Instead I saw him with Matt, pushing him to his knees and forcing his cock down his throat. I groaned softly and bucked up into my hand, licking my lips. I saw Zacky hold his long hair in one hand, thrusting in and out of his throat. Both groaned in arousal, with Matt reaching up to stroke his balls. When Zacky came, he pulled out and shot over his face.

In my mind it was beautiful, a pearly spray that stuck to matt's face and hair, sticking his eyelids down. I moaned softly at the thought, my hand speeding up my dick. "Hey."

I blushed bright red, releasing my dick and gazing up at the stall wall. Over the top of the left one was Zacky's pretty face, a smile gracing it. I released my dick and covered it with both hands. "No need to hide it on my account." I bit my lower lip and took my dick in hand again nervously. "Let me in."

I reached up and unbolted the door, letting him inside. He hopped down froom the toilet of the other stall and strolled into the small space. He didn't even bother shutting the door, just reached out and ran a finger around my head. "So this is why you had to go." I felt my cheeks flush more and I barely surpressed a groan at his touch. "There's an empty bus with our name on it. Unless you'd want some alone time with me in this... place." He whispered as he looked around the shithole that was this bathroom. I nodded and stood up, putting my cock away and letting him lead me out.


The bus was empty as he promised, thankfully. The trip had been spent in silence due to my own nervousness. Only when we were there did I speak again. "Were you watching me?"

"During sound check? Sure." He pushed me into the lounge and licked his lips. "I saw you watching back." he reached down and squeezed my dick. "Get naked for me." I bit my lip and began to strip, watching him take out a camera and began to snap shots. "Smile for the camera pretty boy." I felt my cheeks blushed more as I dropped my sleeveless tee on the floor, my fingers starting on my fly. I smiled shyly as I pushed them down, stepping out of them and sliding my boxers down too. I heard him click rapidly, seeing him move around and snapping pictures from all angles. I turned slightly and pushed my ass out, guessing he'd want a picture of that too. "Perfect."

I heard him set it aside after snapping a few more. His hand reached for me, stroking my ass gently. "Are you are top or bottom?" He asked softly, removing all his clothes, which I heard as they fell to the floor.


He petted my ass gently, leaning down to lick along my lizard tattoo. "I feel like an assfucking." He turns me around gently, pushing me down onto a seat. I watched him as he fingered himself, my eyes bulging out of my skull. This all felt so unreal. He slid his fingers out, then thrust them back in. I had a feeling he now had at least two or three inside him.

He removed them from himself all the way, then sat above me. He slid down onto my cock, making me moan as I filled him. He purred and stroked my chest, starting to shift up and down. I ran my fingers over his inked skin, leaning in close to suck on his neck. I suckled on his skin, hearing him purr as I did so. His ass clenched around me while he impaled himself up and down on my cock. I grazed my teeth against his skin, biting gently on it. He dug his nails into my skin, making beautiful moans.

When I seperated from his neck, he kissed me hungrily. His tongue wiggled around mine, tasting me as he explored it. I ran a hand through his dark hair, thrusting my hips up to meet his movements. He moaned louder each time his ass met my hips. He dug his nails into my skin as he squeezed me rapidly. I reached between our bodies and took his impressive, leaking dick in hand. I began to stroke him as fast as I was able, just like I'd stroked myself in the stall earlier.

Sweat dripped from him onto my body, making my moans join his. Whereas his were breathy, mine were more growly. His ass clenched around me again and I saw his eyes fluttered closed. "Fuck Jay, your dick feels so..." That's when I stopped paying attention, the sound of him saying my name enough to send me over the edge. I came deep inside him, the fluid sticking to my dick as well as him. I moaned his name when I did so, which apparently had a similar effect on him.

A few moments after I came he did so too, covering both of our bodies in his cum. I purred and raised my hand to my lips, licking the cloudly liquid odd his fingers. As he did so he reached back and grabbed his camera, taking a few more shots of me cleansing his fingers and our sticky chests.

Slowly he stood up and took a few pictures of my crotch, licking his lips. "Wanna hook up again at the next hotel?" He whispered, setting the camera aside again and moving towards his clothes.

"Fuck yes." I returned in a similar soft tone of voice, reaching forward and holding his ass in place, leaning in close to bury my face between his cheeks. I smiled as he purred, my tongue snaking out to lap at his twitching opening. I flicked my tongue to taste myself, only stopping when he squirmed away.

"You've got such a great tongue. I can't wait to feel it more." He grinned at me and began to dress, wiggling his ass slightly. And I couldn't wait to taste him more.
Tags: avenged sevenfold, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/zacky vengeance, slash, zacky vengeance
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