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If I had wings

I've not been up long really and part of me still wants to go back to bed. I like bed. It's warm. Though I can't be on the comp in bed so...

Demons last night was better then the frst one, just as I expected it would be.

The mask came on AC. It's so cool! The eyes glow! (Which shows best when it's dark.) When I went on it this morning I went on a chopping spree. I used all of the pears from my new pear trees (probably 20ish) to replace pretty much all of the peach trees I still had. Now there's only five. In the process I broke two axes. I did it mostly cause I'm annoyed how the Wii's net connection screws up so I can't take them to Mikey's. Once I've taken the peaches that are there now I'll only try to go over once a week.

I'm definately going to write something tonight, most likely a one shot smut thing. Probably Bullet porn. next week I'll do Into The Darkness, a zombie fic and maybe a bandana one.

I've got basic plots for 2 of the 3 claims, so I'll start doing them once a week. The Matt/Eicca one I can't decide who I want topping so that'll probably be the last one I'll do. I won't post em till when they've been done on sosodirty in mid-Feb.

I'm making my trip to Birmingham longer so I can see the new Underworld film. I honestly didn't know it was out this soon. It looks pretty awesome.

My head hurts for some reason and I dunno why.

I'm going back to watching The Lone Gunmen now (cause I drifted off during the last ep I watched) and eating, then... I'll see what random ideas come to my head. It's been pretty blank lately.

Edit: Mikey's manip

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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