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I will wait for you endlessly

I'vee felt tired all day. Ever since I woke up I've felt so drained, for no reason at all. Sigh.

My brain sorta melted last night cause it's just... blank. I need inspiration.

I dunno how, but I got enough points to get Majora's Mask on AC. So it's now in the post and should be there when I go on for KK tonight. I wonder if it can make the moon fall...

We went to see nan today, so I'm cold. The remote was awol so we just watched tv (and I went on my DS) instead of watching a film. I see the bruise mum said about now. It's all on the right side of her face and it's bigger then her eye is. They say she hit the side of the bed while she was being turned.

Mum's talking about having her home again, after the men have finished messing about downstairs. Mum thinks that'll take three months. So if she's not worse she'll be living with us downstairs instead of at the home.

I'm cold from the walk home and drained so I'll go to bed to lay down for a bit. Though I'll probably end up napping until dinnertime/Demons.
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