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In reality it ain't that cheap

Random thoughts, cause that's all I have right now:
*Pleo's are cute! I want one! Lookit, isn't it so cute?
*I've had about 3/4 people add me over the past two days... it's creepy. I bet I get no omments from any.
*The more I hear the Bring Me The Horizon's songs from the second album on random... the more I like it. It's way better then the first. Why do I feel dirty for saying that though?
*Mum got the right comic pack, huzah! I now have Cade and Talon standing by my mouse. I can't help thinking though, doesn't Darth Talon get cold? After all she's only wearing a short top and bottom, gloves and boots. Maybe Twi'lek females are naturally drawn to skimpy stuff. Watch the films, the only respectably dressed ones are in the senate.
*And she also got the Tardis case... which makes me realise how many micros I'm missing and that I shoulda got the two packs in Woolworths. I want Sec damnit! Sec is hot.
*She also got Rock Sound, though only with one poster. I forget what's good in it, though I know there's something. Well something other then finding out Oli didn't get hit by a car
*I has doritos too! She has her uses
*I've had a nap and I'm glad mum woke me from it else I'd miss tv
*Madina Lake's new song is good, I like it
*I've not even looked at fic since the last post, maybe I should.
*I'm properly looking at the poll this weekend
*We're settled on taking either The Golden Compass or Nightmare Before Christmas to nan's tomorrow... so we're not really settled at all really.
*I keep having recurring sex dreams with Jimmy Urine. Should I be scared?
*I've never seen a single MSI video. Anyone hoit me up with a good one? Preferably not on youtube cause my comp hates that
*Dexter last night amused me for sosme reason. I'm easily amused. I'm glad the bastard's died in prison.
*I'm gonna go finish the next X-Files soon
*New QI's on soon, yay!
*I'm pondering watching Plus One later.

I've probably missed something more constructive that I had to say, but oh well.

There's one last thing that's important enough to get it's own special seperate bit. I'm proud of mikeysaur for being able to go out on his own for 40 minutes. Even mum thinks it's good.
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