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One bullet at a time

Cause so many peoplee have voted (so far) for the bandana codes in the poll I figure I may as well post what was on my list (which was last changed last June so I might add/subtract/modify them).

Completed ones:
Worm/Mikey Way (Apricot: chubby chaser) [Mikey, right] *
David Desrosiers/Benji Madden (Brown:scat) [David, right] *
Ben Jorgensen/Padge (Teal: cbt) [Ben, left] *

Jay James/Sean Smith (Leopard: likes tattoos, maybe another code) [Sean, left]
Ilan Rubin/Robb Flynn (Charcoal: latex/rubber) [Ilan, left]
Bert Mccracken/Billy Martin (Yellow: watersports) [Billy, right]
Gareth Lawerence/Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone (Gold: one looking for two) [Gareth, right]
Tim Kelleher/Spencer Smith (Black: heavy sm) [Tim, left]
Mateo Camargo/Dan Torelli (Red: fisting) [Mateo, left]
Patrick Stump/Quinn Allman (Beige: rimmer) [Quinn, left]
Bob Bryar/Omar Abidi (Fur: bestiality) [Bob, left]
Dan Whitesides/Ray Toro (Mustard: wants big cock) [Dan, right]

I may add in a Jimmy one or someone else to that. There's a few of the interesting codes left that could be used for him.

Also I look at my zombie fic list and there's only two main ones left (though one has no info, while the other is plotted out in my head) with a third being a sort of epilogue to the whole series. I'll have to add more.

Other things of note:
*I'm pissed that ITV has changed the film that was on tonight.
*I'm gonna have to (finally) read the big Umbrella Academy book at some point soon
*I'm gonna watch more The X-Files after Dexter
*I'm gonna finally do that Bullet day at somepoint soon, possibly a Tuesday
*I wonder when the next live dvd'll be out?
*No one's read the fic yet so I poke people.
*I still have to watch last week's The Clone Wars and the accumulated The IT Crowd eps
*By Saturday I want to have the Zelda fic and next part of Into The Darkness finished before I kill it.
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