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All it takes is stealth, cunning and a key to the front door

My keys have returned from wence they were! Huuzah!

Also good is that my ear is now back to normal. I dunno when it happened but I realised it as I was watching The X-Files last night.

I'm hoping after watching Dexter tonight I can get back to Into The Darkness.

I finished the BMTH standalone I started last night. I didn't finish it last night cause I realised I was tired enough to make lots of mistakes.

I cut down a load of peach trees on AC (about 10) and replaced them with pear ones. I hope they all take.

I got Metal Hammer today out of interest (ok I'll admit it, it's causa Oli in chains, happy?), but I've not had a proper look through yet. I also had Pepsi, though it's not max.

I went to see nan and she seemed ok. I couldn't make out the bruise mum seems to claim was on her face. She's probably lost her mind. One of the carers came in and she was nice. She thought I was a girl though. I didn't mind, I'm used to getting that now.

I'm sending mum to get the comic pack (I hope they have Cade/Darth Talon) and Tardis case from Home Bargins tomorrow. I'm also sending her to get Rock Sound (I hope she can get both posters).

She's annoying though, cause she's stalling me getting the MCR masks again. I was hoping to get them at the start of March (by saving three lots of money and sending it to Mikey) but now she's moaning so it'll probably stall it till the end of March... by which time they'll probably be gone or they'll be something to absorb one lot of money (ie a gig or something).


I got the Doctor's fob watch, but I lost the bit of paper with instructions on it. Does anyone have it, cause I wanna know how to set the time on it.

I wish I knew more languages so I could understand what's being said on thee stuff I have on my playlist.

I'm very tired cause my arms ache from lugging bottles around. I'm gonna finish the next X-File dvd tonight and then I'll be midway through Season 8 (although technically I will be before I finish it but...).

Slight edit: Robb Flynn amuses me, liking Desperate Housewives.
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