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When Superman Fucked Wonderwoman

When Superman Fucked Wonderwoman
Pairing: Oli Sykes/Curtis Ward
Rating: NC-17
POV: Oli
Warnings: Crossdresing, fisting
Notes: Based on this photoshoot (Oli's superman, Curtis' wonderwoman). Ever since Kerrang did a similar posed version of it I've wanted to do something based on it so here it is. That and I wanted to do a fic where I wasn't being mean to Oli and this seemed perfect.

I smirked as I looked Curtis over. The rest of us had managed to choose male superheroes, but he was dressed as wonderwoman. He looked quite sexy in the get-up too. I felt my cock twitch in arousal from the sight of him, but I knew I'd have to keep my lust in check. After all, we had a photo shoot and a show to do. I licked my lips and tried to think unsexy thoughts so I could wait it out. Hopefully I could last that long.


It was a painful four hours but it was finally over. We were in our hotel room and I had him pressed against the wall, my lips on his. I ground my clothed crotch against his, feeling the bulge of his hardness against mine. "Bend over." I growled softly when our lips parted, nodding vaguely in the direction of the bed.

He flashed me a grin and then moved when I stepped aside, wiggling his hips with each step. He bent over the bed, revealling his shapely ass, clad in red lacy panties. The sight of them on him earlier made me moan. I shifted behind him and pulled them down, so his arse was exposed to me. I reached forward and ran my fingers between his cheeks, pressing them along his crack. I quickly found the wrinkled skin of his hole and thrust both of my fingers inside the heat of his body. He made a soft groan at the the intrusion, but I knew it was solely from pleasure, not pain.

I curved my fingers inside him, rubbing them over his walls. I slowly worked them back out, pressing my ring finger alongside the other two and sliding them back in. He made a soft grunt at the extra intrusion, but no other sound of discomfort. I thrust them in and out of his tightness, wiggling them slightly to loosen him up. I kept moving them in and out at a regular pace, watching his hole open up wider. I spread my fingers as wide as they'd go before removing them again. I bunched all my fingers together and pressed my thumb against my palm, then pushed my hand into him. He made a sound that was somewhere between a gasp and a groan at the intrusion.

I chuckled softly, easing my hand up to the wrist inside him. "There you go slut. Wide open enough to take my whole hand." I licked my lips when you could manage was something incoherent in response. I twisted my wrist, smirking at the sound my movement made. I watched with fascination as his ring twitched around my wrist, squeezing it in a gentle sort of tightness. I wiggled my fingers, feeling his insides with curiosity and enjoying the moans he made whenever I inadvertently brushed against his spot. I shifted on the spot slightly, my cock stretching out the lower half of my outfit.

With my free hand I fumbled with my belt, then pushed the bright blue material that covered my legs down, wiggling my hips to let gravity do most of the work. I kicked it away when it reached my feet, having no desire to trip up on it when I fucked him, but I left the upper half of my outfit on. I moved my wrist around inside him, wiggling my fingers again to hear those sweet sounds he made. I made a mental note to do this to him at another time, preferably when my cock didn't feel like it would explode. I reluctantly began removing my hand from within him, smiling at the whimpering noises he made. I watched my hand slide out of his body, a slight sheen covering the tattooed skin from his sweat.

Once my hand was fully out of him I set it down on his clothed side and moved myself closer. I didn't have to aim myself for him as my fist had stretched him open more then enough. I thrust my hips forward, burying myself fully inside him in one go. I heard him moan, even though my dick was nowhere near as filling as my hand had to be. I used my other hand to hold onto his hips for leverage, rubbing my slick one over his face as I began to fuck him properly. I tried to angle myself to hit his spot, though his repeated moans made it hard to tell if I was actually hitting anywhere near it. After a few tries I just focussed on thrusting in and out of him, enjoying the feeling of his loose hole attempting to squeeze me. My balls slapped against the lower rim of his hole, making me wonder if I'd be able to fit them inside him too when I next did this.

He pushed his ass back against my dick, his hands clutching onto the bedsheets tightly. I felt his tongue lick at my wet hand, making me purr as I decided he'd need release too, despite being a tease the whole time he was in this outfit. I let go of his hip, shifting it to take his cock in hand and began stroking him at a rapid pace. At the same time I increased my speed, moving my hand from his face to his long hair, tugging on it hard. I heard him moan again, his hips thrusting forward into my hand, then pushing back against my cock.

I kept fucking him hard, my cape swishing behind me and brushing over my ass. My eyes lidded in pleasure, my cock pulsing within him. I squeezed Curtis' cock as my thrusts started to become more random then before. He came a few seconds later, shooting over his skirt and the bed before him. A dribble of the fluid slide down my fingers just before I released him, gripping his sides with both hands to concentrate fully on fucking him hard.

His arse tightened around me, milking me as he collapsed onto the bed. I growled low in my throat, getting closer and closer with each movement. Every thrust made my hips slam against his skin, my balls slapping against his ass. I moaned loudly, scratching he sides of his outfit as I released within him. "Fuck!"

I closed my eyes eyes, licking my lips as I slipped my cock out of him. "That was so good..." I whispered, then sank to the floor behind him. I prised his cheeks apart, leaning in close to lick my load out of his stretched opening. I inhaled his scent as I lapped up the salty fluid, collecting as much as I could on my tongue and swallowing it.

He made more of whimpers of pleasure, but I shidted away before he could get to into it. I sat in the bed beside him, stroking his hair and licking my stained lips. "We should really keep these outfits." He turned to face me, grinning as I nodded in response. It certainly had been well worth all the endless teasing.
Tags: bring me the horizon, curtis ward, curtis ward/oli sykes, fic, oli sykes, slash
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